Virginia thought they were voting in a good guy…

Virginia thought they were voting in a good guy...
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Bannons War Room – If You Want More Lawlessness, Keep Voting For It

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We’re not voting for Dems. They have been committing voter fraud.

Yeah I can only think at this point that Liberals are just total trash. Nobody with a same mind can vote Democrat and not see that everything they touch goes to shit


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The DA who requested that miniscule bail ($1,000, which means he actually only had to put up $100, less than Hertz requires as a “security deposit” on a rented vehicle) did NOT “make a grave mistake”. The DA made a POLICY DECISION to release this animal back on the street for a 5th of what a littering ticket would have cost him. And it wasn’t just his 1999 arrests – the guy had been arrested for a similar assault (running over people with his vehicle) only a week before. Letting the guy out the week before MIGHT have been a “mistake” (a huge and incomprehensible one) but releasing him the second time was POLICY. We’ve seen this stuff before (Jussie Smollett, anyone?) and, in every case, it’s the same thing at work. George Soros (surely the Devil Incarnate) figured out that you could get more power buying a DA’s office for one of your minions than you could trying to buy a US Senate seat. Senate campaigns cost millions. It’s a rare DA contest that costs much more than $50K – and you get far more “on the ground” power than any Senator can give you. And yet I’ll bet that at least 95% of voters out there can’t even tell you who their local DA is. It’s the same with these other “little offices”. Where do you think these CRT/1619/Porno-pushing/transgender bathroom school boards come from? What about your local water commission or utility commission? Marijuana is a thirsty crop and the Mexican cartels needed plenty of it in order to turn Oregon into their crop growing fiefdom, but most voters don’t know what a water commissioner even is. $1,000 worth of signs can get you a seat on a water commission and control over an absolutely vital commodity. This is brilliant, bottom-up power grabbing by Soros and the American electorate is letting it happen. Wise up before someone runs you over…


Forgive me for quickly revisiting this, but I am angry beyond words at the DA’s actions in this case – 5 dead, 48 injured, many seriously, and the DA calls it a “mistake”? Failing to securely close the refrigerator door is a “mistake”, not getting half a dozen people killed. Now, speaking as a FORMER lawyer (I’m retired, this is NOT “legal advice”), I know that it’s very hard to bring civil cases against functionaries like the DA even for egregious “mistakes” – they are protected by concepts such as “sovereign immunity” and general protections for officials making “administrative decisions”, but it’s a bit harder to immunize people like the DA against CRIMINAL charges – and THINK about it. If I let my Pit Bull run free and it chews up and kills some little kid (even tho’ the dog had never been a problem before), I can be charged with some version of “criminal negligent homicide” (how that is described and defined varies between jurisdictions but most of them have some such law). I mean, it’s not like Brooks (unlike my hypothetical Pit Bull) didn’t have a history. It took some real effort to ignore it. If my dog makes me liable under a criminal statute, then how does this DA claim differently? Moreover, if this DA has a history of supporting “catch and release” or “no cash bail” policies or other positions which led directly to this result, then maybe it goes beyond even negligence. Maybe the DA is potentially chargeable as an Accomplice Before the Act. At the very least, bringing criminal charges against this DA will clearly highlight his (and his office’s) culpability in a fashion which no self-serving apology for a “mistake” ever could. Put the DA and the DA’s office in a REAL hot seat, one with criminal sanctions involved, and you create a cause which might save lives in the future.

Aline Pettit

Please remove me from your email list as your views are offensive to me. I switched my republican registration to independent when you went much to far to the right for me to tolerate, let alone support you.