Violent Leftist Who Infiltrated the Capitol is Arrested

On Wednesday, another leftist got arrested for participating in the Antifa riot in the Capitol.

Aaron Mostofsky, a 34-year-old Democrat, is the latest leftist identified to have been at the Capitol on January 6.

Reports said that Mostofsky also a New York Judge’s son. He was seen dressed in fur, with a stick on his hand, and wearing a stolen bulletproof police vest.

Motofsky stood beside a man carrying a Confederate flag in the protest – an indication that they are acquainted. Both appeared as outsiders plotting to smear the demonstration held by Trump’s supporters.


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It remains unclear whether Motofsky is a member of Antifa – the group clearly leading the violence at the Capitol.

After the demonstration, the criminal activities continue to be linked to the leftists who appeared and raged at the event.
Surprise, surprise.

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