VIDEO: Woman throws hot coffee at man who isn’t wearing mask

VIDEO: Woman throws hot coffee at man who isn't wearing mask
Image Screenshot From Karen Strikes Again Youtube Video Below.

Last Friday night was a bit different from usual in Manhattan Beach. Ever since the pandemic took over the world, the rules and regulations have dramatically changed. One of the essential protocols is wearing of face mask.

As a good safety practice, everyone must wear a mask outside their homes.

This rule is mandatory, even in the upper side of Manhattan. However, some people are not willing to follow these standards and seem to be living on the other side of the fence. As a result, several stories circulate on how people are offended by the hardheaded! 

On Friday night, two men were spending an ordinary evening at the Manhattan beach. They were having a good time chatting. Meanwhile, a couple went around the Manhattan beach telling the other people to also wear masks.

The couple came across the two men, and the lady stepped forward to tell them that they were breaking a protocol. She said, “Y’all need to be wearing a mask.”

The Actual Incident 

As reported earlier, the two men at the Manhattan beach were just chatting with each other when a woman started to scold them. One of the men began recording the incident in his camera while the other started to explain himself to the woman.

He said, “We are locals.” He continued to say that they didn’t believe in wearing a mask.

Both the men look fit and well-built. In fact, they were big enough to berate the woman and her companion. The other man, without the mask, yelled back at the couple. He said, “What are you looking at?” 

In just a short period, a drink was splashed at the man without wearing a mask, and a commotion ensued. The maskless man ran into the couple and jumped onto the man who splashed water on him. The three (couple and maskless man) started to wrestle.

The man without a mask threw a few good shots to the other male and made him bleed. His blood splattered over his white shirt.

During the fight, the woman managed to hit the maskless man’s head, more towards the upside! As she tried to get a shot, the maskless man screamed, “That was dumb.” Conversely, the woman screamed, “Shouldn’t have thrown the drink at his face!” Instead of bringing the situation under control, and stopping the fight, the woman continued to claim that she didn’t mind what happened, or was going to happen. The video footage captured the entire incident.

The Rescue 

The male companion was quick, and called 911. The attempt amused the maskless man. He asked if the male companion was going to complain about the coffee been thrown at him. The maskless man asked, “What are you gonna tell the cops?” He also quoted that the lady had just poured a “hot” drink at his face too.

Nevertheless, the male companion continued to call the police. He was quite clear with the fact that he was attacked, and had blood gushing out. He also reported that the maskless man punched the woman. 

In a while, the two maskless men decided to get back to their meals. And they said, “You should have left us alone.” This was when they all heard the sirens. 

After the Police Arrived

There are no recordings to see what happened once the police arrived. Sources claim that the two groups were not arrested but were asked to apologize to each other. 

This is not the first time that the people who are following the protocols reproach maskless folks. Several similar incidents have been recorded throughout the country.