US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo…

US Olympic Team Plans to Alter the American Flag Logo...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – United States Olympic Team seeks to change the logo for the 2024 Olympics hosted by France, Newsmax All-Star panel on the ‘anti-American stance’ from the Olympic committee and more

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I have a crazy idea. How about, in representation of America at the Olympics, we use the ACTUAL American Flag.

This would be a crime in many countries. The flag is a static symbol, and should not be allowed to be amended when representing our country.

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If they don’t want to represent the US, DON’T represent the US!


Any changes to the American flag should be forbidden simple as that we are proud of our flag and will always stand behind it even though there are communist liberals in our country


I have an idea. How about we alter the life of the morons that came up with this idea.


If they are “offended” by the American flag and what it and our country stand for then maybe they all need to look at a book of all the flags of the world and pick one that they aren’t offended by and go to that country to live.


Have them go to Cuba and learn why Cubans are waving the American flag and shouting “freedom”.


Pretty soon I’m gonna run out of TV programs I’ll be able to watch. I’ve already given up all professional sports (football, basketball, baseball) except golf. Now it looks like the Olympics are off the table. The only thing I’ll be left with is the Hallmark Channel. Oh well, that will make my wife happy.