Unthinkable: Cuomo Threatens President Trumps Life

Unthinkable: Cuomo Threatens President Trumps Life
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It was earlier on Thursday when President Trump showed his fury against New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo on Twitter. The President was appalled at the Governor’s measures to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, which is already crippling the economy. To top it off, enormous amounts of vandalism and riots have plagued the state. Trump insisted on decapitalizaing the state. Frankly, the President is pretty much dead set on his decisions and has asked for immediate reports.

Cuomo obviously did not sit back and take the blow. He chose to respond in a Press Conference, held on Wednesday. The Governor slammed Trump for making a horrible decision. Defunding a state, really? Cutting down funds allotted to cities like New York, Washington D.C, Portland, and Seattle would serve more as a stumbling block. “How are we supposed to run cities with very little funding?” claimed Andrew.

The Trump administration reckons these cities as jurisdictions that are clammed with anarchy. Governors in these cities act like monarchs, failing to take effective measures to make the states a safer place for the citizens to live.

Cuomo hit back at the President, suggesting that he is not welcome to visit New York. The Governor cannot protect President Trump without an army of bodyguards, if and when he decides to stroll through the city of New York. Of course, the city streets have been appropriately made it to the list of “anarchist jurisdictions”. Donald Trump will need a top-tier army for his own safety since New York is brimming with rage and anarchy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo did not turn a cold shoulder, and chose to mock the President instead. After all, Donald Trump did come up with a few interesting proposals to decapitalize the city.

That’s not all. Cuomo had a lot of rage in store. He lashed out at Trump, demeaning the President’s response to the outbreak. New York was in a menacing condition and was completely ambushed after the Trump administration chose to neglect the seriousness of the pandemic.

It was right after that when Donald Trump decided to switch gears and hop on Twitter. He tweeted, “Is Governor Andrew Cuomo not aware that the counts of death recorded in New York alone is alarming? It is the worst-hit city in the country. People have been dying in nursing homes. Is it not a promising sign that the Cuomo is clumsy and his lack the ability to tackle the outbreak in his city?” Trump is incredibly active on Twitter and doesn’t take long to rebuke if his administration is criticized.

Both Trump and Cuomo are reigning over the hardest-hit cities in America. The pandemic has cost a lot of lives. The death toll is still scaling up. The President and the Governor have played blame games for the longest time now. Trump did not wait to chastise Governor Cuomo for not taking effective measures to keep the death toll in check. Andrew could not just sit back and keep taking bullets. He questioned the President’s role in stopping the outbreak. Were there any warning signs given by the administration? Why didn’t Trump act sooner? It could have certainly been nipped in the bud much earlier. However, the President was negligent himself.

Law and order in New York are up for a toss. The city is in a state of disaster. Riots break out, and killings and shootings have become common. This worked as the perfect fuel to the fire. Since Trump rails against cities and states that are headed by the Democrats, he has declared a pressing urgency to take effective steps and bring the anarchy in the cities to a stop. “Terminate the protests and act now,” commented President Trump.

“If it was New York’s opinion that mattered, Trump has been an awful President. Ever since he won the elections, his only agenda was to slowly kill and demolish the city.” Cuomo did make a bold statement with this.

The Attorney General Of New York, Letitia James, condemned the President’s proposal to defund New York City. “He is not thinking himself to be a tyrant, right? So why be the dictator and resort to legal actions? Is combating with a strong opponent not his A-game?” Leticia carped against the President pretty strong-handedly.

Trump has been firing tweets ever since Cuomo made such derogatory comments.