UNREAL: NIH ADMITS American Tax Dollars Funded Gain-Of-Function Research in Wuhan…

UNREAL: NIH ADMITS American Tax Dollars Funded Gain-Of-Function Research in Wuhan...
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Ben Shapiro – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) appear to contradict previous claims by the EcoHealth Alliance regarding the subject of experiments on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, raising further questions over whether U.S. government funding contributed to so-called “gain-of-function” research.

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How can they even let Fauci even speak on TV?! How has he not lost all credibility? This shit is insane..

Wake me up when someone actually goes to jail.

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Don’t you understand by now Fauci is protected under the Clinton clause ” He did not Intend to break the law ” so there can be no charges


My friends and I do not abide by the Clinton clause.

fauci would look good lock in a stock-aid with his head stuffed in a box full of meat eating wasps.

Just for experimental proposes you know. like the dogs he did that sort of stuff too.


Didn’t fauci just pretend to be a psychiatrist and say that anyone who thinks he lied is insane?

Well fauci it looks like your co-workers are insane! they just got done saying you lied to all of us and to congress.

What is hilarious about this is that the low IQ lefties are still desperate for fauci to be a hero. After all if fauci is lying then their hole Covid mandate, pandemic, fake CDC numbers and the word “VACCINE” is all phony.

It would be like the final thing the democrats / liberals are clinging too to claim they had a reason for their voter fraud just evaporated.

Another day when it sucks to be a liberal / democrat / progressive.


Fauci , dr. No Science and the W.H.O., UN and the NIH Helped Finance the LABORATORY in Wuhan , China. And FAUCU Deserves a LLLoooonnnngggg PRISON Sentence.