Understand How the Biden Admin is Trying to Politicize the Military

Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese sat down with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to discuss Tucker Carlson’s recent controversy with the military as well as the greater politicization of the armed forces under the Biden Administration.

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Well, we are an inch away from a Banana Republic. But thank you Senator Cruz for being one of the few of Republicans who are earning their pay check.

Men In Uniform Should Remove Biden…


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Roscoe Roules

Banana Republic is right. But the military doesn’t need to stop at removing Biden, Harris too needs to go and anyone in Congress who has openly supported the Socialist agenda in Congress or voted against any measures in support of liberty and freedom. Those “removed” should be held at GITMO awaiting Capital Trials for High Treason. And while they are at it the Obamas, Clinton’s and anyone else who has sought to control the government from the shadows should also be scooped up and held at GITMO awaiting trial.Then start looking for their collaborators on the world stage and bring all of them down.


Roscoe:I agree I thought that PRESIDENT TRUMP should have had them ALL ARRESTED for the NUMEROUS COUP’s they had against him!! They did that to the PRESIDENT OF THE USA…NOTHING to stop them now from doing it to you/I/and every other person out there. I believe that they will use the covid testing to maintain a DNA databank to plant my/yours DNA if you do not comply!! And look at DC taken over by the nazidemoPHILE party 20ft high razorwire fence around Capital looking just like nazi’s…they should be real proud of themselves we are now a shithole laughing stock of a Country thru out the entire world…WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS!!!


All REPUBLICAN NG STATES not at Capital..Police Forces BANNING REPUBLICANS to Protect /Serve cities… We have ourselves a BD nazi’s dictators(demoPHILES) at the helm putting together their GESTAPO/SS DEATHSQUADS to confiscate ALL FIREARMS from those that are IGNORANT ENOUGH to put their names on the MANDATORY REGISTRATION of firearms list(If Passed)among other things!! DO NOT put your name on that list…THEY WILL COME FOR YOU!!! That is why there are REDFLAG LAWS in effect in 20+- States and they will have your name/number/location of firearm/combo to the safe!!

Gerald S Ladd

DemonRATS hate our military. If you remember, the coon didn’t like them either.


Well done Senator Cruz!!