Unbelievable Image from Bidens Pathetic Afghanistan Speech…

Unbelievable Image from Bidens Pathetic Afghanistan Speech...
Image From Video Below...

Ben Shapiro – Unbelievable Image from Biden’s PATHETIC Afghanistan Speech

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Looks like Pres. biden is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, guilty, and ashamed all at once. It’s a sad sight to see our command and chief retreat physically like that, I’d respect him a heck of a lot more if he took responsibility and more decisive action towards fixing the issue. He’d probably feel better and stronger as well, instead of making excuses and blaming Trump.

Biden is hugging that binder like a toddler hanging on to his lovey baby blanket

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Beijing Joseph Russell O’Biden is Nothing more than a Pure Embearsment to the Country and the World and is a Embearsment to We The People.