Twitter Suspends Kayleigh McEnany’s Personal Account for Sharing Hunter Biden Evidence


Kayleigh McEnany’s personal Twitter account was one of the suspended accounts for sharing the blockbuster New York Post story linking Joe Biden to Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian company where his son, Hunter Biden, sat on the Board.

On Wednesday, the White House Press Secretary said to Hannity that the platform’s administrators had her at “gunpoint” disallowing access to her personal account pending deletion of the link to the New York Post report. 

McEnany has a huge reach with over one million followers.


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“It’s not a temporary blockage,” McEnany shared with host Sean Hannity. “When I log on to my Twitter account, it says I’m permanently banned. They essentially have me at gunpoint and said unless you delete this story, a news story by the New York Post, I cannot regain access to my account,” she continued.

After sharing the post report, McEnany got locked out of her personal account. The Post story purportedly contained an email between Hunter and a Burisma executive thanking the younger Biden for introducing him to his father, the then-Vice President, Joe Biden. 

The email disproved Joe’s insistent claim that he never discussed his son’s business dealings.

“This was a news story with emails and pictures of the emails. Even the Biden campaign does not dispute the authenticity of the emails,” McEnany exclaimed.

“Meanwhile, the ayatollah of Iran tweets’ death to Israel’. This is permitted on Twitter, yet an email reported by the New York Post, a credible outlet, is not allowed to share that information,” she said.

President Trump’s camp shared the email screenshot received by McEnany from Twitter. The email alerted her of violating the platform’s rules against “distribution of hacked material.” She was notified that her account was locked.

Apart from the press secretary, several other accounts who shared the story were also locked, including the original post. Curtis Houck, the NewsBusters managing editor, wasn’t spared of the platform’s censorship. Likewise, Facebook also limited the distribution of the post.

“This is not the American way,” McEnany continued.

“This is not how a freedom-loving democracy operates. We have to have to hold Twitter accountable, and Facebook too, who is banning the transmission of this story simply because ideologically, it hurts the side of the aisle that Silicon Valley prefers. It’s sad. It’s censorship, [and] this is not America.”

She later warned that if the giant media can ban the Press Secretary to the White House, so are the mere citizens, calling the act as “pathetic.”