Twitter Censors Trump Tweet On ‘Voter Security Disaster’

Twitter Censors Trump Tweet On ‘Voter Security Disaster’
Image Screenshot From Donald J. Trump Twitter Post Below.

Twitter has just hidden another one of President Donald Trump’s posts behind its warning benchmark. This is the most recent censorship action against President Trump that the platform has taken this year. It seems Twitter is deliberately toeing an unseen enemy line against the President.

Earlier during the day before Twitter took action, President Trump tweeted that mail-in boxes are the real “voter security disaster,” because it will allow the people to vote multiple times. The President also warned the people of America that these mail boxes are not sanitized, so it will definitely spread the Chinese virus, as he refers to the coronavirus.

Jack Dorsey’s social media platform has used the censorship filter on it and put it under the “misinformation” tag. Users who try to see the message from the President will see the message that the tweet has violated Twitter’s rule about civic and election integrity. However, Twitter has decided to keep the President’s account accessible.

This is just the most recent incident in many of the censorship acts that Twitter has taken this year.

A few months ago, Twitter added the label “Fact Check,” to tweets from the President. He was warning voters about the potential fraud involved in the mail-in ballots voting system. That particular tweet just came after the USPS mail carrier in West Virginia was charged with fraudulent activities by tampering with the vote-by-mail requests.

During the time of overwhelming riots in Minneapolis, Twitter again censored one of the President’s tweets, accusing him of “glorifying the violence” over a tweet that talked about the gun violence in Minneapolis.

In June, Twitter again put down a tweet made by the President, warning that the rioters outside the White House would be met with force. Twitter censored that post, accusing the President of “threatening harm against an identifiable group.”

In July, Twitter again took down a meme posted by the President as The New York Times complained about the copyright infringement against President Trump, despite that fact that the image was significantly edited.

Earlier this month, Twitter took down a Fox and Friends interview with the President, and accused Trump of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

President Trump has always been standing on the opposite side of the mail-in voting system.

In fact, the US Postal Service has already warned the officials in Pennsylvania in July that the state’s election deadlines are too tight for the service standard of the Postal Service department. There could be a delay of several days to reach the mail-in ballots.

The US Postal Service has warned almost all the 50 states including Washington D.C. about the possible delay. The election rules are not compatible with the actual time needed for the delivery and return of absentee ballots through mail, according to a letter released by the Postal Service department very recently.

The letter serves as a reminder that the implementation of the mail-in voting system due to the ongoing pandemic has created a big problem for the Postal Department, because of the slowdown in processes caused by the organizational changes made by the newly appointed Postmaster General.

Trump has clearly shown his doubts about the transparency and overall reliability of the mail-in voting system.

The mail-in voting system will make the election “rigged” and “fraudulent,” according to Trump.

Trump also stated that there’s nothing wrong with going out to vote. The Americans also voted during the emergency times of World War I and World War II.

Over the past few months, Twitter has flagged down several of President Trump’s posts because of terms violation. The President has complained about being censored and signed an executive order calling for a new set of regulations on social media platforms.