Tulsi Gabbard Already Delivered A Huge Blow to Kamala Harris’s Campaign


Almost all of us have heard the news that Senator Kamala Harris has been selected as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate for the upcoming US election. There was a particular point in time when she was racing to become the president herself. She has often defined herself as the progressive prosecutor, but her actions always raised questions among the people. Some of the problematic aspects of Harris’ record were when she prosecuted parents for their kid’s truancies, sent people behind bars for taking marijuana — despite admitting to the use of the drugs — and last but not the least, stood as the major obstacle in reforming the cash bail system.

According to the reports of the town hall, Representative Tulsi Gabbard raised crucial questions against Kamala Harris’ “tough-on-crime” image during the Democratic debate session conducted last fall. Those were the questions that damaged the image of Harris’ campaign.

Senator Kamala Harris always says that she feels proud as a prosecutor, and that she sees herself as a future Prosecutor President — although her record has always been the cause of concern. She has put more than 1500 people in jail for smoking marijuana, but when she was asked if she had ever smoked, she laughed about it before saying yes. There are many other situations such as this that can also be cited, according to Gabbard.

The Democrats have always wanted to get rid of the cash bail system, while Harris wanted the opposite.

Later that night, Tulsi accused Harris of blocking evidence which could have freed an innocent man until the court order was issued. According to Tulsi, Kamala Harris used to keep people in prison beyond the days of their sentences so that the state of California could use them as cheap labor. Harris has always supported the cash bail system, which always impacts the poor people in the worst possible way.

Gabbard further said that Harris owes an apology to the people who suffered unfairly under her reign as a prosecutor.

Recalling Gabbard’s powerful critique which made Harris uncomfortable, the Washington Examiner described the confrontation as a decisive one. It made Harris almost collapse, and it also left her losing the status as one of the leaders of the pack.

Some of the ardent Harris supporters like Subodh Chandra blatantly ignored Gabbard’s allegations of her draconian record as a prosecutor. According to her supporters, Tulsi is irrelevant.

One of the most influential American-Indians, Dr. Rachakonda D. Prabhu of Las Vegas, Nevada, previously ran a fund-raising campaign for Harris. He said that the Gabbard-Harris encounter would deal a damaging effect.

According to Prabhu, it was a game changing encounter with Gabbard. Tulsi brought Kamala down to the ground and cornered her with consecutive attacks. It was a clean victory for Tulsi, as Kamala’s answers were very weak. Kamala could have defended herself very actively, but she chose not to, which could have been the turning point for Kamala.

Ramesh Kapur, the host of another fund-raiser for Kamala, also thinks that the debate had a negative impact. According to him, Tulsi’s accusation of Kamala keeping people in jail for cheap labor was a cheap shot.

Ramesh believes that Kamala was addressing some civil rights and legitimate issues with Joe Biden, which would help Biden become a better Presidential candidate. In this way, Kama Harris did Biden a huge favor.

According to Ramesh, this is what a perfect Vice Presidential candidate does — unlike Mike Pence being an underdog to President Trump.