Tucker’s Perfect Response to AOC’s Thought on the Border

Tucker's Perfect Response to AOC's Thought on the Border

The Next News Network – Jon Brown from The Daily Wire reports, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered aloud Thursday why anyone would care what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) thinks about anything and worried what it means that she has such a prominent voice on the national stage.

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AOC: “It is always wrong to rip a baby from a mother’s arms…but not her uterus.

Can we stop promoting Her in the media .You know the more you talk about Her the more she get’s famous

I think she needs to pay them then. But out of her pocket

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charles wilkins

The Biden Border Bonanza Cost Taxpayers $60 Million A Week To Shelter Migrant Children. It’s more then obvious now Democrat’s, can’t govern, Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, Speaker Pelosi, the additional Governors who caused the death of thousands of seniors, before their time, and now our biggest joke of all, Biden always rushing to go nowhere and do nothing. It is really time to impeach this guy, have a recall? or force his resignation. Our southern border overrun with virus ridden illegal’s with 10’s of thousands more arriving. Our country more divided then ever before and a bunch of radicals are controlling purse stings ,who really never had a business or had to meet payroll etc. spending and taxing like they new what they are doing. The American people what to know what are you doing acting has a president? Our country is going where? Are those who know, going to be held responsible for his decisions taken? Is the only plan to bankrupt our Country and tear apart all the good that Trump accomplished? Taxes on the rise is that the plan? tax and spend, tax and spend, why because they don’t know how to govern only tax and spend. It/s Resignation time.

Patricia M Stepanian

First time I ever heard her definition of surge as being insurgents, or not. she spent her education money at the arcade.


Get that Crazy BIOTCH Tucker! You are the MAN!