Tucker Scorches Obama For Hijacking Funeral

Tucker Scorches Obama For Hijacking Funeral
Image Screenshot From Fox News YouTube Video Below.

Many times, you will come across news channels portraying former President Barack Obama as a greasy politician. Even though Barack Obama has left the office, he is still being referenced in many places and by many affluent news correspondents. One of the most recent incidents would be the report made by Fox News. Once again, Fox News made headlines for attacking the ex-president. This time, it was all about Obama’s address against police violence.

Barack Obama made an address at the funeral of John Lewis, on the 30th of July.

The actual news report

The attack on Barack Obama was made by Tucker Carlson. He is a host for Fox News. This time, Carlson was quite harsh, and he chose to lash out on the former president. Carlson focused on the talk about civil rights during the eulogy of John Lewis. Carlson didn’t think twice to draw parallel lines between the address, and the racist policing that happened during the 1960s. He went a step ahead and spoke about the response offered by the police department on the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed.

All of these discussions took place on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show. This specific show was broadcast on Thursday night. During the show, Carlson took a moment to play the actual clip where Barack Obama makes his address. The clipping was captured directly from Lewis funeral, which was held on the day of the show. Indeed, one might ponder if Tucker was waiting for words to slip from Obama.

Obama’s address during the eulogy was serious and focused. He spoke about police brutality and the countless protests that have been going around. Barack Obama spoke about how the entire country is being affected by the protests. Meanwhile, he praised Lewis. He considered Lewis as someone who made steps towards a better and fuller America. His exact words were, “Lewis is the founding father of a fuller, and better America.”

More about the Funeral Service

Lewis’ funeral service took place at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, which is located in Atlanta. Here, Obama made his address. Obama was quite specific about his opinions on racist policing. Also, he quoted many details from the 1960s politicians. He quoted facts from the life of Lewis, and he also focused on many other civil rights historians who fought endlessly. Obama’s address continued to focus on Floyd’s death. He said much about the response given by the police department regarding the anti-racism protests that have surfaced due to the death of a black.

Obama said, “Bull Connor may be gone, but we witness police officers kneeling on the necks of Blacks.”

Obama continued, “George Wallace may be gone, but we witness our federal government sending agents with tear gas and batons against many peaceful demonstrators.”

The speech was well-drafted and carefully focused on how the environment in the country has changed for the worse.

Obama’s address did not end here. He continued to talk about the elimination of the Senate’s Filibuster regulation. This was an important component of the partisan technique. The Filibuster rule was essential for preventing or passing any voting reform in the country’s legislation.

With the above words, Obama received a standing ovation from the crowd. However, Carlson was not happy with most of the words spoken by the former president. Carlson believes that Obama used the event to make a mark and to secure another political point.

Carlson said, “It is very hard to believe that the clip is actually real, but down to the coined fake accent, it is real.” The host cried out on how it would feel if a greasy politician appeared at the funeral of your loved one, and started to talk about Senate procedures.

Carlson even asked, “What kind of a person would do that?”

Few ending points

Meanwhile, Carlson also accepts the fact that the country has fallen apart in many ways. He admitted that the country is indeed affected by tribalism, racial strife, and many other issues. But despite this, he is still unable to accept Obama’s comparison of the current police force to Bull Connor. He considers these parts of the address as insane and reckless.