Tucker Carlson Unloads On Dr. Fauci

Tucker Carlson Unloads On Dr. Fauci
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Tucker Carlson, the famous news host of Fox News, recently lashed out on Dr. Anthony Fauci, referring to him a fraud for his responses to Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan during a hearing conducted recently.

The Daily Caller reported, “Jordan grilled Fauci during a heated House subcommittee hearing exchange Friday on whether ongoing protests and demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd should be treated the same as churches in some states and banned to curb the spread of coronavirus.”

Calrson played a video clip to show the exchange between Jordan and Dr. Fauci then analyzed the clip to show the comments Dr. Fauci made in the past.

“Oh, so he is willing to weigh in on specific responses,” Carlson said. “Government responses. What a fraud this guy is. Put on your mask. Get off your powerboat. Put on some goggles. Do it for public health. By the way, the consequences don’t matter. They are just inconveniences.”

“Oh, we just have to do it. Really?” Carson threw this question frustratedly.

“Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently,” Carlson said this with anger and frustration. “It’s not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses. It’s the end of the American Dream. That’s not a small thing. Maybe it’s worth it. Maybe it’s not, but if it is, then you probably shouldn’t take a pass on the question, are protests and riots okay? Unless you’re a total fraud, like a complete fraud.”

During the heated hearing, Jordan countered Dr. Fauci with some very to-the-point questions that clearly show the series of inconsistencies he has had while giving recommendations to fight against the coronavirus.

“I’m not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way,” Dr. Fauci said when he was asked if the protest should be limited to slow the spread of coronavirus.

“Well, you make all kinds of recommendations. You make comments on dating, on baseball, on everything you can imagine. I’m just asking, you just said protests increase the spread. I’m just asking should we try to limit the protest?” Jordan said. He also added, “Government is stopping people from going to church, Dr. Fauci.

“Last week, in the Calvary Chapel case, five liberals on the Supreme Court said it was okay for Nevada to limit church services. Justice Gorsuch said it best, he said ‘there is no world in which the Constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesar’s Palace over Calvary Chapel.’ I’m just asking is there a world where the Constitution says you can favor one first amendment liberty, protesting, over another, practicing your faith?”

“I’m not favoring anybody over anybody. I’m just making a statement that’s a broad statement that avoid crowds of any type no matter where you are because that leads to the acquisition and transmission,” Fauci said. “I don’t judge one crowd versus another crowd. When you’re in a crowd, particularly when you are not wearing a mask, that induces spread.”

President Donal Trump is going to resume the White House briefing on Coronavirus where Dr. Fauci is yet to be invited.

It’s not the first time for Carson to be critical of Fauci. He has been critical of Fauci several times including earlier this week, calling Dr. Fauci a “a hypocritical buffoon.”

“Under no circumstances can you note that Dr. Fauci is in fact very often a hypocritical buffoon who refuses to admit what he clearly doesn’t know,” Carlson said very recently before this hearing between Dr.Fauci and Jim Jordan.