Tucker Carlson Names the People Funding Supplies and Bail for Rioters


Fierce Tucker Carlson names an organization responsible for the funding of supplies and bailing out of rioters.

News broke Thursday evening when Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson revealed that a rioter bail organization is behind the rioter’s supplies to downtown Louisville shortly after the verdict on Breonna Taylor was announced on Wednesday.

It largely remains a mystery where the supplies come from, yet “only a few” have tried to find out, Carlson said.

The answers, reported by Hannity, is shocking. 

According to The Right Scoop, the renters’ log was leaked by a U-Haul employee, and Zoller’s name showed up. As per the log, Holly rented the truck for a day. She picked up the truck on Tuesday morning and failed to return the day after. 

Zoller works for the “Bail Project,” continued Hannity.

Bail Project is an organization that bails out the low-income Americans, “designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system – one person at a time.”

The plot thickens as the Bail Project’s Community Outreach Director, Dolores Canales, was a Soros Justice Fellow.

The stunning connection leaves wonder whether George Soros is indeed directly or indirectly involved in the BLM, Antifa, and Bail Project organized riots.

“It’s worth asking who is funding all of this? That is a central question. Too few have tried to answer it,” Carlson continued on his news report.

According to the news anchor, The Bail Project “helps get suspected criminals and rioters back out on the street as quickly as they can.”

The organization’s board, Carlson stated, is filled with elites who have ties to Ivy League schools, the financial world, the corporate media, and law. He named Michael Novogratz and Lisa Gersh.

“America’s core problems are not racial. America’s core problems are economic,” he concluded. Funding racial conflict would mislead the poor people of the dying American Dream. Social conflict does not even scratch the surface.