Tucker Brutally Exposes The Insanity Of The DNC

If you have somehow watched parts of the virtually conducted Democratic National Convention speeches recently, (if you haven’t, you’re fortunate), you have probably observed a common theme – “Isn’t Joe Biden nice?” It was all about Biden, yet the convention lacks policy initiatives.

How the former Vice President would handle national issues is totally unheard of in the Biden-promotional show. All they did is target the orange man as his only opponent.

You might well be wondering if the lack thereof is some bug in the script, yet the truth is it’s the only feature of the Democrat’s virtual event. In fact, Biden himself knows that there’s no policy, so he has nothing to talk about outside of the occasion, only generic complaints about fighting COVID-19.

It will be better for Biden not to mention his political party, their agenda, or what they stand for. Unfortunately, far too many on the right with an aversion to Trump play-pretend, as if Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have a platform.

When you see the real Democrats, the party comes out to the game’s foreground and becomes the actual lunacy.

Carson Tucker just hit the right ball at the right spot by stating the absurdity of Michelle Obama, showing oppression with misleading facts against Trump and Andrew Cuomo being the voice of knowledge on the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Tucker, Michelle Obama’s speech on Monday’s event was really manipulative and dishonest. Her particular focus on “children in cages,” which her husband Barack Obama built during his presidential tenure, and her lies about Charlottesville and religious verdict asserting that Joe Biden will heal “nation’s soul” all made a distinctive appearance.

The truth is that it was a hollow and highly partisan presentation based on some misleading and false information, something people have always expected from Obamas.

Tucker went deeper to pull off the curtain and reveal the hollowness of the DNC. According to Tucker, the frustration isn’t the two hours in the evening featuring some establishment figures who are no longer in power, but the insanity that actually defines the party.

There’s angry pastor ranting about America going to hell if they establish the border law. What’s more there to listen? How the stipulation on salvation being based on immigration laws? One important thing to be noted is that even if opposing illegal immigration was indeed a sin; the act will not automatically send you to hell.

According to the Gospel, you don’t go to hell straight away if you commit sin. It’s that the Almighty saves you if you accept Christ despite your failures.

The bunch of socialists still came out to play. People who strongly believe in uprooting capitalism were given speaking time. There are so many racial justice advocates who are actually encouraging the divisive and dangerous rhetoric that American people have been overloaded with for the last few months.

Proposals like de-funding the police, eliminating prisons lead to see an “abolitionist” future, isn’t it? The truth is that we have got to see all things, with a woman defining herself as “Black Vietnamese transgender non-binary gender-transcendent mermaid queen king currently living out their ever-evolving truths in Winston-Salem.”

Yes, these things are happening for real, according to Carlson Tucker. In case you are wondering why these things aren’t on TV, it’s because the Democrats hide them, and they don’t want you to see what they actually are.

Joe Biden is just a 78-year-old-puppet where the young and irrational activists are rapidly overtaking the party. People should vote wisely.