Trump’s Brilliant Move To Force Democrats On COVID Relief

Trump Makes A Brilliant Move To Force Dems On COVID Relief
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Four executive orders extending the coronavirus relief during the pandemic highlights President Trump’s press conference. His brilliant move took effect right after Democrats in Congress refused to compromise with the White House to pass a relief bill.

The four orders most likely transcended Trump’s authority, and Democrats have planned to challenge them in the court of law. Yet the president revealed their bluff by signing these orders.

Democrats declined to work with Trump in securing coronavirus reliefs. Their refusal stems in their efforts to make him appear unsympathetic. The president’s smart move pushed the Democrats to fight against the coronavirus relief that the Americans need.

“We have repeatedly stated our willingness to immediately sign legislation providing expanded unemployment benefits, protecting Americans from eviction, and providing additional relief payments to families,” Trump said. “Democrats have refused these offers.”

Before signing the relief bills, President Trump called out the Democratic packages, which include several unnecessary items to the economic relief during the pandemic.

“So the Democrat bill includes stimulus checks for illegal aliens, they require the mass release of illegal aliens from detention, they also compel the mass release of inmates, including serious felons,” Trump said. “What does this have to do with stimulus, the economy? What does this have to do with the coronavirus?”

The president signed four executive orders. He provided a “payroll tax holiday to Americans earning less than $100,000 per year,” directing the Treasury Department to allow employers to defer payments.

He also directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to safeguard the renters and homeowners from eviction.

Trump also issued an extension of extra unemployment wedges. The Democrats demanded supplemental unemployment checks continue at $600 per week. Republicans have decided the checks should be cut down to $200 per week, but the final amount determined is $400 per week as a compromise.

Finally, Trump came up with an order extending the suspension of student loan repayment. Previously, the suspension was set to expire on September 30, but Trump continued it through November.

The Democrats are determined to challenge these orders in court, claiming Trump circumvented the legislative process. Likewise, President Trump defends his action, claiming his authority over the executive branch allowed him to enforce it.

Republicans should be reluctant to applaud these orders. While the president made an excellent calculation, he undercut the legislative process of Congress.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, made the relief bill a far-left wish-list instead of serious compromise legislation. Republicans have attempted an agreement. Even Trump’s executive orders also reflect a call for settlement. However, Democrats appear to work really hard in blocking reliefs to make Trump seem heartless.

Recently, Pelosi insisted an extra $1 trillion to bail out state and local governments, even though state governments have yet to exhaust their fund from CARES Act. Pelosi accused Republicans of “trying to get away with murder, the murder of George Floyd” because they disagree with a few criminal justice reformation proposals.

Along with Pelosi, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden echoed the House speaker’s mischiefs. He exclaimed that the coronavirus pandemic raises “opportunity” for “structural change” on everything from voting to climate change.

Pelosi battles it out but shoved with a foolish prize: desperately reviving a Democratic effort to confront the executive orders on extending coronavirus relief to the Americans.