Trump will win because Democrats ‘turned their back on police

Trump will win because Democrats 'turned their back on police
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Have the Democrats chosen to defund the police force? If yes, then the chances of President Trump seeing another victory during the November re-elections is quite high. At least, those were the words of Marc Thiessen, from Fox News. He strongly believes that funding the police force is a decision that both parties need to encourage, if they are keen on creating trust and confidence among the people of United States.

During a recent interview with Sandra Smith, the Fox News Contributor stressed how Joe Biden is trying to mitigate potential issues. He also quoted on details about party leadership, and the candidate put forward by the Democratic Party. However, during the political moves, they might be going against their existing their current policies and very own constituents.

So how does this work?

If the November election is only about the Democratic Party defunding the police force and President Donald Trump trying hard to put together Law and Order, Trump is bound to win. This is an obvious consequence, if any party chooses to defund the police department.

The third Rail!

Thiessen restressed on the fact that this would be the third rail, where Joe Biden and the Democratic Party work towards rectifying the issue. Undeniably, they are trying extremely hard to come up with a solution. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t seem to be ending. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere near a potential or profitable solution. Instead, it is moving in a haphazard manner and is certainly going against the will of Biden and the party.

Why? It could be because the root aim is to defund the police. This is exactly what the Democratic party wishes to achieve. They are highly motivated to reduce the funds offered to the Police Department.

As a result, Biden is having a tough time facing the common man. To be more precise, he is having a hard time putting forward the thought of defunding.

The calls made by the Democratic party have amplified in the past few weeks. Throughout the country, many protests have been initiated. Undeniably, the civil unrest is seen across the nation with the death of George Floyd.

George Floyd (46 years of age) died when he was in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Officers. His death was captured on video. During the incident, Floyd was on his knees for nearly 9 minutes, before he lost his consciousness.

The compilation

Few Democratic leaders have chosen to slash the budget, and even brought forward a compilation on the plan. The budget was meant to be slashed across all police union objections. A few days ago, key players at the Minneapolis City Council decided to support the Democratic move. They announced their willingness to disband the Police Department of Minneapolis. Council President Lisa Bender had an interview with the CNN a day after the announcement.

She stressed, “Calling the police during an outbreak or when your home is broken comes from privilege.”

After the interview, the Democrats met and discussed about reforming the entire police force of the country. Here, both the congressional Black caucus and the House Judiciary committee met. They were focused on introducing the “Sweeping Legislation”. The goal of this legislation is to introduce reforms throughout the nation.

The Policing Act

Meanwhile, the proposed Justice in Policing Act states:

  1. The use of chokeholds is strictly prohibited.
  2. There will be low legal standards for civil penalties and criminal charges held by police officers due to misconduct.
  3. There will be a ban on No-Knock warrants, which are issued against drug charges.
  4. A national registry will be developed to keep an account of all police misconduct.

The assertions

Thiessen once again said that it is a responsibility to call 911. Gone are the days when it was a privilege to contact the police department during a time of need. Most of the time, people who consider it as a privilege to contact the police force are the primary obstacles. They stop the police force from being held accountable for the lies and mishaps they engage in.

Likewise, “unions” are a key obstacle in reforming the police department. This is a big problem for any political party, including the Democrats.