Trump wanted to deploy 10K National Guards for Jan 6 but was rejected.

Trump will not testify during impeachment trial
Image Taken From Youtube Video below.

Trump’s second impeachment may be unconstitutional, but the Democrats are persistent, as usual. Half plus one of the House members must vote for it to pass. And two-thirds of the senators must agree before Trump could be convicted and impeached. Forty-five Republicans are currently seated in the Senate, all opposing the impeachment.

How could they impeach someone who no longer holds public office? The answer would only be to humiliate Trump.  

During the mock vote, 56 voted in favor of the impeachment trial. Trust the senators to hold their stance in the upcoming trial, and the result wouldn’t be enough to convict former President Trump. 

The leftists argue that Trump incited the riots on Capitol on January 6th when his speech only called for peaceful protests under the First Amendment. 

According to then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows, Trump planned to deploy 10,000 National Guard to D.C. even before the fateful day to support local police enforcement and ensure public order. However, the local officials rejected his proposal. 

Leftist New York Times once reported that the Department of Justice and Department of Defense have long requested law enforcement support from the Capitol Hill police. However, Capitol Hill police scrapped the said request until January 6th.

Just the News also reported there are growing pieces of evidence that the march on Capitol was pre-planned. Federal charges against anti-government activists were issued only days before the start of the impeachment trial. 

The mounting evidence revealed that the alleged perpetrators planned their attack before the day of protest, while under the nose of the FBI. A dozen affidavits now support the FBI’s allegations against a staggering two hundred defendants, and more show that they have pre-planned using social media. 

The plans included training, setting up strategic locations, identifying commanders in the area, raising funds, and securing combat and communication equipment. More than six now stand accused of conspiring to commit violence before the January 6th riots. Court records show that some of the plans were carried out as early as November and accelerated after Christmas. 

The growing evidence now appears to raise questions about whether security agencies such as the FBI can proactively thwart violence. 

Atty. Kenneth Starr, a former federal appeals judge, attorney general, and Whitewater independent counsel, said the House members should apologize to former President Trump and the Americans. Instead, the Dems played a deceptive video edited to support their narrative by conveniently removing Trump’s call for his supporters on a peaceful and patriotic march. 

Documents also show that Facebook was the platform most used to organize the Capitol riots. That’s not really a shock, as the platform has always been inclined to lean to the left.

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Not only does everyone in Congress, that voted for this 2nd witch hunt impeachment, owes a public apology to President Trump. Each one should have to pay back all the wasted taxpayers, money for both attempted impeachments, out of their pay! The Reps and Senators that were going for these impeachments surely didn’t care about us citizens that they are suppose to be working for, for 4+ years!