Trump Walks Out After Reporter Won’t Stop Talking


President Trump held another dramatic press conference, this time in his New Jersey’s golf club. Signing executive orders, he aims to aid the American families thru various economic reliefs.

The President publicly dared the Democrats to challenge his move after their obstruction on any progress of Congressional relief package.

Obama’s administration made the precedence on such executive orders; thus, giving Trump all the legal grounds in his current move. It came as a two-bladed sword as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats threaten to challenge the executive orders in court.

The press conference ended prematurely. President Trump walked out after a reporter refused to stop even when she had already asked two (2) questions.

Her first question was uncharacteristic, a typical approach of the opposition in Washington. She questioned the President’s motive in giving such generous reliefs, and if he could deliver and fulfill his promises.

The truth is that they only expect the worst from Trump; helping out is condemned, and the opposition gets away with their criticisms.

Nonetheless, the President answered her question accurately, but she asked another, arguing that it is without due process.

The question is ridiculous since there is no new precedence created. Obama made an even bolder move during his administration. The hypocrisy of the media is appalling on their sudden concern about the President exercising his executive power. Media manipulation and bias opinion at its best.

Patiently enough, the President responded, but her barraging questions kept coming. Trump was already entertaining the next reporter, but she wouldn’t let him through. “No, no, you’re finished!” countered President Trump when she kept on throwing questions. Trump just said thank you and exited after that.

What’s ludicrous is that these reporters would never treat Barack Obama or any Democrats in the same manner. The President decides how much time can be given to each reporter. Yelling, especially at the highest government official, is certainly not tolerated.

There was another incident on April 27, where a reporter attempted to manipulate the people’s reaction against Trump by interrupting another reporter.

During the session, Weijia Jiang, a White House correspondent of CBS News, asked why the President continually emphasizes that the US performs better than any other country when it comes to testing.

Jiang asked the President why he seemingly treats it as a global competition, yet the Americans are still losing their lives, and the cases are again rising. The President retorted people are losing their lives everywhere in the world. Trump further told him to ask the same question to China.

Trump proceeded on another reporter, Kaitlan Collins of CNN, but paused as Jiang interjected why Trump specifically said that to him. He replied that he was not saying it specifically to anybody but to anybody who would ask such a nasty question, to which the CBS correspondent disagreed.