Trump Defends His Cognitive Testing Results

Trump Touts His Mental Fitness
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

President Donald Trump tried justifying his mental health for office — invalidating Joe Biden’s mental illness through a repeated memory sequence that stated something along the lines of Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

In light of recent events happening across the world, the news of Trump touting mental fitness has certainly exploded over the media. President Donald Trump blew up the media by displaying his mental fitness in front of the whole world.

He showcased this via the television, which featured an interview broadcast that revolved around his mental health. Everything he said and recorded in the interview involved a sample cognitive testing sequence. 

An overview of Trump touting mental fitness

President Donald Trump has repeatedly made appearances on the Fox News Channel to boast about passing the cognitive test. He supposedly took these at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

He mentioned that he took two consecutive tests, the first one with Sean Hannity, and the second with Chris Wallace. Needless to say, the White House hasn’t yet revealed any information on why and when the president took the test.

Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center Marc K. Siegel made an appearance on a recent interview with Donald Trump. Donald Trump, in this interview, gets defensive over his mental fitness by spilling out the respective tests he had previously taken. He further questions the pungency of Joseph R. Biden Jr., the former Vice President of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump further suggests that his work as the president has been great so far. He then proceeded to validate the concept of mental health as a whole by saying that one requires stamina, physical, and mental well-being.

Additional Insights into Trump and his supposedly taken mental fitness test

While Mr. Trump was quite determined to talk on the topic of mental fitness and his very recent cognitive test, he contradicted his statement of having actually taken the test. He altered his test timelines, which made leftists quite suspicious about whether or not he had really taken the test.

Initially, Mr. Trump suggested that he spoke to a physician about this less than a year ago. While the President is keen on defending his mental fitness, the answer to whether or not he actually took the test is still unclear.

White House releases details in a nutshell on Trump’s Mental Health

While the exact date of Trump’s supposed cognitive test is still unknown, the White House announced a small yet descriptive summary of Donald Trump’s mental health. However, what seemed strange is that no annual physical report was displayed during this announcement.

Furthermore, there was no proof to back up Trump’s unexpected visit to Walter Reed last fall. Moreover, the summary did not give a brief on whether or not Trump underwent the test.

Mr. Trump also suggested that he reached out to his former physician, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, about whether he could take any acuity test or not. Dr. Jackson had said that Trump achieved a 30/30 score on the respective Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

On a side note, this test has been discouraged by most experts as it doesn’t offer illustrative details on trouble planning or making judgments, memory, and even reasoning ability.

The president then told the interviewers that the acuity test comprised of over 30 to 35 questions. He further suggested that he found the initial questions to be answerable and easy. Below is a video showing his controversial statement about how the answers to different questions revolve around Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.

Mr. Trump also said that the doctor suggested that he could get extra brownie points if he got it in order. In another interview that took place on Sunday, Trump was quite furious about the fact that Mr. Biden was chosen as the substantially better candidate in terms of mental well-being.

Mr. Wallace then ridiculed Trump’s earlier test answers and suggested that while the initial questions may have sounded easy, Trump would find it impossible to answer the last five questions.

The argument got heated and left Trump furious and angry about the chosen representative as he suggested he was much more mentally composed and healthy compared to Mr. Biden.