Trump STIFF ARMS Meeting With Nikki Haley As She Blames Liberal Media For GOP Civil War!

Trump STIFF ARMS Meeting With Nikki Haley As She Blames Liberal Media For GOP Civil War!

Black Conservative Perspective – Former President Trump this week declined to meet with Nikki Haley, his former ambassador to the United Nations and a prospective 2024 presidential candidate, according to a source familiar with the matter. Politico first reported that Haley reached out to Trump on Wednesday to request a face-to-face meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort. But Trump turned her down after Haley has spent recent weeks criticizing the former president. Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, accused “the liberal media” of instigating a GOP civil war in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Wednesday, while offering her thoughts on how the Republican Party should proceed in the post-Trump era.

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Nikki Haley is the worst type of politician. Appears to be good, rocking multiple boats, no principles.

President Trump gains nothing talking to Nikki. Go away RINO.

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Smart move Mr. President for canceling meeting with back stabbing Nikki Haley. I thought she would one day hold a leadership role in the Party but she is in my opinion a loser.


I’M A trump supporter. Has anyone considered that some Republicans are saying what they believe to be true. It’s not a great conspiracy by RINOs. They have not turned into RINOs just because they disagree with President Trump. Let Republicans eat there own and I am sure democrats and the liberal media are loving this. Haley supported the President through out the last turbulent four years. I don’t think President Trump caused the riot in DC. He was a victim of far right and other forces taking advantage of the situation. After a summer of burning and looting by the left, it has given the Democrats a pass. Mr. President take the meeting and see what she has to say. I think she is still on the America First’s side.

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