Trump Shreds Extremists For Mobbing His Guests

Trump Shreds Extremists For Mobbing His Guests
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While speaking at a campaign rally, spirited President Trump unloaded on violent protesters who mobbed and harassed the RNC delegates and attendees who were leaving the White House on Thursday evening.

President Trump was furious about the mobs and said, “protesters your ass,” and “I don’t talk about my ass.”

According to President Trump, they are not protesters. They are just collective anarchists, agitators, rioters, and looters aiming to damage the nation.

The President was referring to the incident in the previous evening where the left-wing radical mob attacked RNC delegates.

Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones was attacked by the mob when he left after Trump’s speech on Thursday night. Recently, Jones has become a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump as he and his party strongly oppose the far-left agendas.

The group of far-left radical extremists yelled obscenities along with racial rage and insult against and demanding that he take the name of Breonna Taylor.

One of the protesters asked if Jones supports black Trump while another used foul language and told him a disgrace.

The situation was getting out of control when the police had to intervene between the angry protesters and safeguard Jones from them.

The crowd harassed Jones, yelling that it was their street while taunting the brave police officers on the scene.

One of the protesters also called Jones the “n” word.

On Monday, Jones finally broke out his silence about the incident. He said the Democratic agenda has become infused with the flow of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law, justice enforcement debate, and over-tolerance for people who attack others, vandalize the public and private properties and terrorize the entire community.

According to Jones, such as the current situation in America, and that’s why right at this moment, more than ever, the nation needs Donald Trump at the presidential chair for another tenure of four years.

Republican Senator Rand Paul was also mobbed by the left-wing supporting anarchists and spoke out about the incident on Friday and thanked the police for saving his life.

In a very recent interview with Fox News, Paul said the mob was yelling threats on him as they were also pushing the police force over to get him. The attackers were trying to get Paul and other RNC guests.

Paul decided to make a move. If the police were not present at the time, they would have housed themselves to a hotel on the next block as the mob shout threats to hurt and kill him and RNC guests. The crowd demanded the RNC guests take the name of Breonna Taylor.

According to Paul, he finds no reason with the mob present there when he has been trying to establish the Breonna Taylor law to eliminate no-knock raids.

The rogue mob harassed and threatened a person who is actually working for Breonna Taylor by establishing a law to get rid of no-knock raids. The crowd shouted and screamed, but they were derailed and had no idea what they were protesting about. The police did the heroic job by saving the RNC attendees from the rioters.

According to Paul, the group would have gotten loose on the RNC attendees without the officers, but the police didn’t let that happen.

The police are actually saving the entire nation from becoming like Portland, where no law and justice currently exist. Defunding and eliminating the police department is the worst idea.

People should be lucky that they can safely walk down the road in D.C., and that’s because of the police authorities’ presence.