Trump Reveals Breakthrough COVID Therapy

Trump Reveals Breakthrough COVID Therapy
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President Donald Trump declared COVID-19 patients’ provision on Sunday to gain easy access to convalescent plasma following the latest round of trials.

Despite the authorization of such powerful therapy for patients experiencing critical conditions, the treatment extended with blood plasma is yet to be termed “conclusive” by the NHS.

The US president hailed the “major therapeutic breakthrough” as a “truly historic announcement” in the war against Coronavirus. Drawing blood plasma from COVID-19 patients who have edged past the dreaded disease helps impart the antibodies on others who are fighting it.

In the outbreak of fresh instances, the treatment is undergoing common trials. The NHS is still not convinced about the effectiveness of the patients’ treatment. The global trials of the convalescent plasma treatment have compelled the agency to extend its coverage through NHS Blood and Transplant.

American observational studies back the eminent donation of convalescent plasma to countries like England. However, such studies have yet been proven to be conclusive.

The US FDA’s approval is different from that of the recent emergency authorization recently conducted by the Trump administration. According to Denise Hinton, the chief scientist with the FDA, it is still not viable to set a new standard of COVID-19 care out of the convalescent plasma trials.

Several other countries are bound to publish their test results based on their clinical trials during the coming months.

Following the Trump administration’s announcement, the skepticism of many health experts has surfaced at the Republican National Convention. The president’s latest bid to remain in power for a new cycle is likely to gain ground at the convention.

The fast-tracking of the new vaccine being developed by Oxford University is expected to boost Mr. Trump’s nomination at the presidential election in November.

Latest Covid-19 Tallies

The COVID-19 cases have gone past 23.5 million, which projects a global death toll of 809,958 at the least. A minimum recovery of 15.2 million patients has been recorded so far. With a 5.7 million margin, the US is leading the highest number of cases recorded worldwide. The death toll in the US has even risen to 176,978 as of Sunday.

With the number of new cases falling, a daily average of 42,000 cases has been recorded during the last week. The latest figures project a 22% fall from the number shown a fortnight back.

With some 114,744 deaths and 3.6 million cases registered so far, Brazil ranks second in the global COVID-19 tracker. India has claimed the third position with over 3.1 million cases on record, followed by over 950,000 cases from Russia and 609,773 cases from South Africa.

India surged past the UK with death toll of 57,542 beaten by the Chinese of 4,711 deaths and 89,704 registered cases.

What Are the Latest Medical News Updates?

Backed by Trump’s report on pacing up the most-in-demand COVID-19 vaccine candidate, AstraZeneca has witnessed a 4% rise in shares on Monday. It will help Americans find grounds under the feet right before the elections in November. However, an authorization of the same vaccine for emergency use is all set to happen in October. It is supposed to appear before the trial outcomes of phase-3 tests are out.

One of the largest drug manufacturers, AstraZeneca, is leading the race for the COVID-19 vaccine in collaboration with the University of Oxford. The human trial for the said medicine likely begins in April. A robust immune response has been reported by the team of scientists working on phases I and II of the vaccine trial. Phase II and II trials of the vaccine have resumed on a large scale involving over 30,000 US citizens.

The trials also comprise members of countries projecting low to middle economic segments like South Africa and Brazil. The efficacy outcomes can only be expected by the end of the current year.

The pharmaceutical giant listed at the London stock exchange had a spokesperson stating how it’s still a distant possibility for AstraZeneca to hold talks with the US government regarding authorization of their vaccine’s emergency use.