Trump Offers His Hotel to the Troops that Biden Booted from the Capitol

Trump Offers His Hotel to the Troops that Biden Booted from the Capitol
Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

Sources told OAN’s Jack Posobiec that President Trump came as a blessing to National Guardsmen after the Biden administration sent them to a freezing garage. Thousands of them were discarded after the inauguration’s “military photo op.”

Posobiec’s sources said that Trump offered to house the abandoned troops in his DC hotel.

“SCOOP: Trump has permitted for the troops to stay at Trump Hotel DC if any of them need, per adviser,” tweeted the reporter.
Sources also said that Trump called the cold treatment of the guardsmen “disgusting and unforgivable.”

Biden’s allies continue to shrug off the issue, claiming it wasn’t him who sent them down the garage. However, he is the commander-in-chief and should therefore always look for the troop’s welfare.

Social media users are rightfully enraged and had been shredding the Biden admin for their inexcusable action.

Biden only shows how unfit he is in leading the military, let alone the nation.

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Tiny Barreda

Sure, he welcomes them, at double the going rate. Anyway, his hotel is nearly empt and losing money.

Larry MACK Mitchell

What I have heard is that it is free of charge.


Fn Moron


tiny barreda: You are a real idiot, probably an “educated one”. The cost to the troops was free. Typical dumb as a rock dumocrap voter. Where does this hatred of President Trump come from? Do you know his history? Dumb question, as you cannot spell history let alone know anything about it.

kevin pascoal

Spoken like a true democratic.


Piece Of Shit Biden is a disgrace to those of us who are veterans and know what it is like to have slept in the cold with only a military shirt in minus 10 F May Biden who is praising transgender scum in the military ROT IN HELL His brain is already rotting!

Kenneth Frazier

This sight is for Patriots only. Demo’s are not welcomed.

Robert Wehnert

What else since “Bolsevicks” are now running Washington (Moscow)

arthur arutunian

criminal terrorist democancers like muzlum hussen and bedjin biadon all for there pokets screw midle w0rking class swamp