Trump’s 6 Promises For America His Second Term

Trump Lays Out 6 Promises For America In His Second Term
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No doubt it has been a bumpy week. Amidst this tremendous news-heavy week, President Donald Trump has drafted his six-point agenda, if he is shortlisted as the second-term President of the United States Of America. Ranging from ending the pandemic to bringing a critical supply-manufacturing renaissance in America, the six-point agenda covers almost every crucial worry of the United States.

The President’s ambitious plan was delivered from the Whirlpool plant in Ohio during his visit, but it was overshadowed by the news of the huge explosion in Lebanon and contentious hearings from Congress.

“I’m making our incredible workers six more promises that I will keep over the next four years,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. He also laid out all the accomplishments of his first term which include the NAFTA deal replaced by taking a new contract with Canada and Mexico.

Here are the six promises that President Trump will fulfill if he is selected as the President Of United States Of America for the second time.

  1. Eliminating Coronavirus with Vaccines and Other Treatments

According to the president, he and his people in the administration are working day and night to fight against the coronavirus issues in the US. His administration has already committed to an all-out war against the COVID-19 virus, and this aggressive strategy will definitely win the war against the pandemic. Trump said that his administration has developed some really effective therapies like emdesivir, dexamethasone, and antibody treatments. To his belief, the antibody treatment is working excellently.

According to Trump, these treatment measures have helped to bring down the mortality rate by 85%, and at the same, The Operation Warp Speed ensures that the vaccines are on the final stage which will be rolling out for public use long before the end of this year.

Trump also said that his administration has significantly increased the overall domestic production of protective equipment like N95 masks, gowns, and gloves, alongside developing the most advanced testing technique on earth.

2. Recovering Economy an From Pandemic Slowdown

President Trump emphasized the point of reviving the economy from the ongoing pandemic’s effects. His main priority will be ensuring the economic growth, reviving the job sectors, and bringing industries back to the level they were at before the COVID-19 outbreak in the US—and going even further to build prosperity.

Trump said that his administration is building plants, and it will open a floodgate of a huge number of jobs very soon. Americans are going to see very successful years ahead. According to Trump, the decision of choosing his opponent will destroy it by instead increasing different types of taxes on the common people.

3. Turning America into A Premium Medical Hub In the World

Trump has already announced with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a plan to have Kodak — in Rochester, New York — retool and expand the operations of his factory to transition from photo products to pharmaceuticals. Trump said that it’s just the beginning of a larger effort to establish the world’s largest drug and medical equipment manufacturing unit in the world.

According to Trump, America cannot depend on China and other nations in their time of need. “We will bring our pharmaceutical and medical supply chains home. We’re going to bring them home where they belong. We’ll end reliance on China just like we did with the washers and dryers,” Trump claimed.

Trump also shared his plan for “favored nations”, under which the US will only give preferences to those nations that produce cheap but safe drugs.

4. Creating New Manufacturing Jobs

This theme has always been on the forefront since Trump hit the first election in 2015. At the Whirlpool plant, he just expanded this plan with new ambitious goals and by identifying the industries that he thinks will grow exponentially.

5. Using Pressure To Force Jobs That Lost Overseas To Return To The United States

Trump will do his very best to create tariffs and new trade policies to force American companies that sent jobs overseas to bring them back home, so that it can create a huge employment solution for the American people.

6. Protect American Workforce From Unfair Outsourcing

Trump said that one of his primary objectives is to protect Americans from unfair practices and ill-decisions. He cited an example of firing the head of the Tennessee Valley Authority, who was paying himself $8 million a year while outsourcing the major portions of the job. He promised that he will fire the head unless the American workers are rehired.