Trump Is Defunding NYC And Others Who Defund Police

Trump Is Defunding NYC And Others Who Defund Police
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President Trump is in the limelight once again. He has given strict orders to the Federal Government. Wondering what it’s about? President Donald Trump has been provoked after lawlessness and complete anarchy has been witnessed in several cities. He therefore asked the federal government to kick-start the process of decapitalizing New York. There are three other cities on the list as well.

Trump called the shots on Wednesday by signing a lengthy five-page memo. It is a direct order to the federal agencies in action. Reports must be filed and posted to the Office and the Management Department, sitting tight in the White House. It is crucial to look into the funds that have been on roll. Now is the time to act and decapitalize cities that are not capable of handling the violence that caused massive destruction and loss.

It makes sense since “Law and Order” is now the central feature of the President’s re-election campaign. The cities that have made it to the list include Washington D.C., Portland, New York City, and Seattle. “Defunding is a need of the hour,” stated Trump. The cities have been burning with violence, unrest, and vandalism. After capitalizing the cities for the longest time, it is saddening to witness that the authorities in these cities are incapable of nipping the bud. The protests are on a roll, and there has been no powerful action taken to stop the riots.

Post the killing of George Floyd, America is being demolished by hundreds and thousands of rioters. The Trump administration will stand strong and not bend under the pressure. It is inappropriate for the Federal tax dollars to capitalize cities that seem incapable of handling the crisis they are facing. If the cities cannot keep watch and stop lawlessness in their zones, what’s the point of funding the cities exorbitantly?

Donald Trumps highlighted this in the memo he signed, and asks for it to be put in motion at the earliest. The memo includes the name of the New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio more than once.

The government has pledged to secure the life and liberty of the citizens. It also speaks of safeguarding properties. This act might come as a bolt out of the blue, but it is much needed. If federal funds are being squandered, we need to keep an eye on it. On the other hand, if the funds are not put to great use, and are instead a straightforward breach to the Government’s promise, it is better to revoke and decapitalize the cities.

Since anarchy has become the keyword in most states in the country, the Federal Government must review and dig into the details of where the funds are being used. This is because violence, barbarism, and rebellious activities have demolished public properties. If not checked right, it can burn a dent in the country’s treasury.

A detailed report must be submitted by the Federal Agencies. The report must include the nitty-gritty of the capital provided to Seattle, Washington D.C., Portland, and New York City. A special order has been passed to General Bill Barr of New York City. He must create a list of jurisdictions that are burning with anarchy, as well as all areas where destruction and violence were allowed to reign free, causing havoc, vandalism, and major damage to public property. The list should include every nook and corner in New York City where General Barr did not choose to take measures to put a stop to the anarchy. The list must be prepared and submitted in 14 days.

Russ Vought, Budget Director at the White House, has also received a memo. He has been asked to produce guidance in 30 days, starting from Wednesday. The guidance should be issued and handed out to the Federals in jurisdictions of the four states where anarchy still prevails. Federal agencies must show some restraint. The funds are granted for a purpose. If anarchy continues to be the order of the day, the authority has the right to dig deep and look into the details of how the Federal grants were spent.

Did you know that New York City alone, enjoys a federal grant of seven billion dollars each year? The state is now a hub for criminals. From shootings to demolition, the crime wave in the state is on a surge.

The President’s order has been made at just the right time. It is a well-thought initiative to ensure that the eggheads sitting in the administrative office execute powerful measures to bring the crime rate to an immediate halt. As of now, it is critical to ensure that the number of crimes seen everyday plummets.