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Whether you’re a protester or a supporter, there is one thing no one can deny. Donald Trump is a savage. Known as one of the most up-front Presidents, he is certainly direct and outspoken.

Donald Trump is far from cunning or sneaky. He exposes the good, the bad, and the worse. A candid gesture that most people admire.

Despite having the most serious office in America, President Trump doesn’t leave any chance for savagery.

Savage Tweets

Trump’s tweets have become infamous for jokes and memes. He is not one to back down. In one of his twitter battles, he strikes back against Kim Jong-un, calling him old.

He tweeted how he would never call Kim Jong-un short and fat. Via this, he cleverly managed to sneak in an insult. He has thousands of tweets calling out democrats as do-nothings or calling Jo Biden a low IQ individual.

Moreover, Trump once tweeted about how high his IQ was, and consoled the haters! His tweet sarcastically reassured the losers not to feel insecure or stupid. Similarly, he has tweeted at his haters to give up many times.

Not only that, if we look in a twitter battle with Mike Bloomberg. He called him Mini Mike, a 5’4” mass of dead energy. This brutal roast got over 112 thousand likes on twitter.

With every tweet against his opponents, he keeps getting funnier and more savage.

Press Conferences and Interview Replies

Secondly, it’s not only in his tweets where Donald Trump makes his comebacks. He has certainly cracked a lot of zingers on TV.

During a press conference, a CNN journalist was annoying him for a question. Trump ignored him. When asked why, he replied with his famous statement that CNN is fake news.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump replied to a lot of celebrities rising against him. He claimed that he doesn’t need A-list celebrities to support him; he just wants the people.

Another is when BuzzFeed published a 35-page report on Trump and his campaign’s conspiracy. He called out the famous online publication in his hilarious way. Trump didn’t only deny the accusations as any diplomat would. He also managed to roast BuzzFeed by calling them a failing pile of garbage.

Debate Rebuttals

The presidential debate is the most famous candidate debate in the United States of America. The candidates running for president battle it out in front of their citizens. Usually, these are filled with controversial topics and rebuttals.

In the second presidential debate, Hillary said how she was relieved. That someone with the temperament of Trump wasn’t in charge of making laws. Trump, in his savage one-liner fashion, rebutted. He said if that was true, she would be in jail.

Moreover, if we look into the third Clinton vs. Trump debate, Trump says that Putin has no respect for Clinton. He further slammed her by calling her a chicken. In one of his famous insults against Hillary, he says she doesn’t have the look or stamina to be a President.

It is through these ironic comebacks that the President wins the hearts of his supporters in these debates. Above all, he loves to have fun and not take it too seriously, and this resonates with the people.


All things considered, Trump has certainly set his fashion of trolling back. His funny comments will always be something he will be remembered for. A lot of people prefer a President who can have fun instead of Presidents who they can’t understand.

He is constantly joking and insulting his opponents in the most creative ways ever. He is fierce in his insults and always leaves his supporters laughing.  Whether it’s his ironic tweets against the leftists, his name-calling of Clinton, or his well-crafted insults, in all of these, he proves his sarcastic wit.

In conclusion, it is this trait of him of being blunt, and no filter that attracts his fans. People appreciate his comebacks. Ultimately, he might not be liked by all, but at least he is transparent. If nothing else, he can be called the most savage President of the USA.