Trump Drops a Big Hint About His New Social Media Site…

Trump Dops a Big Hint About His New Social Media Site...

The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Donald Trump slammed Twitter on Friday’s episode of Hannity, calling the platform “very very boring.” Trump was banned from Twitter and nearly every other major social media platform following the events of January 6.

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If Trump says something. He means it and it will happen.

I would join his site, support anything President Trump does to beat out Twitter and all the others.

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“If Trump says something, he means it!” Like for four years saying
There will be fabulous new healthcare plan in two weeks”.
Or, “ huge infrastructure plan in two weeks”. Absolutely nothing in four years. Anyone who admires or believes Trump, a proven pathological liar, is a fool.

Stacy Dougherty

How can ya get anything done when the radical democrats resisted by never showing up for work! And when they did meet they ran out of the meeting crying saying Making a big seen for the fake news to use to prevent any further progress like infrastructure and can’t never forget McCain Rino thumbs down on health care. So just another tactic for the do nothing democrats to get nothing done! Why? not because they wanted to help the American people live better lives it was because they didn’t want Trump to look good. So take Trump did nothing baloney talk and put it in your own baloney sandwich and eat it.


Right on…the left hindered Trump at every step.
I would have them all tried for treason, because they are a disgrace to this nation.

Billy Vincent

He built the wall,, cut taxes, increased employment, dealt with Iran, and The Cruel Communist China, North Korea, started bringing back factories to the USA, helped our farmers, made us energy independent, etc,,,etc,,,etc,,,etc,,,etc,,,etc,,,etc,, etc,,etc,,etc,,,etc,,etc,,,

janice Alderson

You must mean Bassment Joe. Who has done nothing.


What news media do you get this lousy un-informed info from?
You can’t really be that dumb can you?

janice Alderson

The people who voted for Joe, well never admit they were so, so, so, so wrong. Trump was so, so, so right. How are the free things working for you.