Trump Declares War with this Scorching Declaration…

Trump Declares War with this Scorching Declaration...

The Next News Network – Matt Vespa from Townhall reports, Donald Trump declared that a new third party led by him was not happening, but he is ramping up the pressure in starving the squishy committees and political action committees of cash.

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Trump won remove the fraud administration

Get them President Trump! He will always be my President!

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Lorraine E Blazich

The RINOs have been in control of the so called republican party for a very long time and have been clones of the democrat party. Conservatives have been silenced and not given very much authority by the RINOs. mitch mcconnell has called the democrats his “esteemed colleagues” because he is in fact identical to them. It has always amazed me that the RINOs were usually given leadership positions in the republican party and that they worked to assured that the democrats agenda was promoted. The RNC has always begged for money and I wouldn’t give them one penny because they are not CONSERVATIVES and are almost identical to the democrats. The leaders of the republican party should be removed if they are not CONSERVATIVES and if they use their positions to support the democrats.


I will only continue to support the RNC if/when they get rid of McConnell.


Iam done with the deplorable republicans that can’t do the job they were hired to do . Let them sell out go the delusional democrats if they want Iam done with both party’s . They both let the people and country down because of their corruption . They stold my vote for a fake idiot to run the country . I for one will never vote again cause I can’t trust either party to tell the truth about anything . No honor or integrity left in any party