Trump Could be SUBPOENAED By Congress for this One Thing…

Trump Could be SUBPOENAED By Congress for this One Thing...
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, RINO Representative Adam Kinzinger told CNN on Thursday that the January 6 committee subpoenaing former President Donald Trump or his Vice President Mike Pence is “not off the table.”

Top Comments:

President Trump had no role in Jan 6th ask Pelosi about her role in it

Any republican that goes on CNN is a weasel

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Royal Nonesuch

The only and main reason for subpoenaing President Trump is to reduce his ability to run in 2024. We arent blind or stupid, liberal meatsacks and this Jan 6 horsecrap may well backfire. Just sayin….

Harry Balls

Pelosi is A retarded hunk of human excrement! She stinks!


Tell em to EFF themselves!