Trump: Biden Has Launched a Foreign Invasion of His Own Country…

Trump: Biden Has Launched a Foreign Invasion of His Own Country...
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Breitbart News – “It’s almost like evil, they want this to happen.” Donald Trump insinuated at his Saturday rally in Iowa that there may be ulterior motives for the Biden Administration’s reticence to stop record levels of illegal immigrants pouring into America.

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Love the REAL PRESIDENT❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🙋

The only thing better than voting for Trump twice will be voting a third time.

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Dont think America is bidens country , one thinks he rather live in China

Richard Lewis

So send hind to china. They would know to handle him unlike Americans.


Hidenbiden, has declared war on Americans, but is the illegals,invading our country,their best greatest ally. Now he has decided to let terrorists, back in as if they reformed themselves, that’s why this incompetent,egotistical,humiliating,embarrassment, needs to be removed for aiding and abedding the enemy, and failure to protect our national security and the American people.

Justa Nutherguy

Seeing the 25th invoked on him would give me a great deal of pleasure!

Justa Nutherguy

Patriot News: Former President Trump didnt “insinuate” ANYThing, as your headline claims. He said it straight out! INSINUATE-“1.
suggest or hint (something bad or reprehensible) in an indirect and unpleasant way:”