Trump Bans Critical Race Theory Training

Good News: Trump Bans Critical Race Theory Training
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The critical race theory has been playing a big role in most Federal agencies in The States. It is no new secret. There have been a few whistleblowers trying to spill the beans for the longest time now.

It is only now that President Trump has understood the graveness of the matter. He passed down a set of instructions to the Office of Management and Budget in the White House. Russel Vought, the director of the Office, has been handed a memo that is more like a directive.

The memo clearly spells out that this is a pressing issue, and that the office should do everything in their power to kiss goodbye to such awful sorts of training.

The functional role of federal agencies has been questionable for quite some time now. Russell complements the President for taking such a great initiative. This directive will help save the trust of the people, and provide funds from dissolution. It will also work wonders in sprucing up the functionality and performance of federal agencies.

There are multiple press reports that bring the ideologies behind the training into the limelight. Employees of numerous executive branches are ordered to attend this training. There’s no choice given. When you attend the training, it only speaks of how the Whites are blame-worthy, and how they contribute much to racism.

That’s not all the training sessions inform. According to the reports, the attendees are made to believe that racism is deep-rooted in the foundation of America. It is in the belief and codes of the country that opportunities are only for the Whites, and not for the people of color, regardless of how talented or qualified one is.

It is clear by now that such types of training only cause mayhem. It rots the belief in people. Even the fundamental platform of beliefs that the country stands for has turned rocky. There is a sense of resentment embedded amid the Federal workforce.

The federal government hires employees of various religions, ethnicity, and races. There’s no distinguishing factor that comes into play when employing someone talented. However, putting up with a coerced requirement that all employees must attend the training is too much to handle. It creates a wedge within the workforce and cuts down the core beliefs that Americans have valued since they were born.

President Donald Trump has called for strict measures to be taken. He has banned all sorts of diversity-related training that plague the federal agencies. The President is of a clear view that systemic racism in America has always been a problem. However, matters have turned grave. The country is bearing the brunt of anarchy and vandalism. Such training pitch the concept of the critical race theory and that the whites reap better privilege.

Upon scrutinizing the memo issued to the Office of Management and Budget, a few crucial things can be spotted. The ban only focuses on training sessions that preach everything about racism and white privileges. It is appropriate to state that this ban is a need of the hour, considering that America is crumbling down due to racism.

Critical race theory training is totally unacceptable. Participants have confessed that these sessions train the mind in a negative way. It preaches that if a person is white, the person is unarguably a racist. In the sessions, it has been clearly mentioned to the participants that they are a part of the racist system prevailing in the country. The minorities and people of color are always subjected to oppression. The system does not permit the blacks to forge ahead and have a winning career. Only the whites get to benefit.

If a person chooses not to agree to the theory, he or she is a racist. If you are on a lookout for evidence, you dissent from your privilege. The training hosted in the Sandia National Laboratory was leaked. Christopher Rufo remarked that training in the workplace is a big blow. It is more like a sparring session.

The leak is a boon in disguise since the Trump administration is leaving no stones unturned to eradicate training of such measures that are befouling the federal agencies.