Twitter Needs To Answer For This

Time for Twitter CEO to Testify
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Republicans have decided to bring in Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify at an approaching antitrust hearing scheduled for July 27. Representative Jim Jordan has taken it upon himself to ensure Dorsey’s presence.

Rep. Jordan wrote to Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, seeking Dorsey’s attendance along with several other Tech CEOs at the hearing. Google, Apple, Facebook, as well as Amazon, are among the companies whose CEOs will be summoned.

The hearing aims to investigate the July 25 Twitter Hack as well as Twitter’s allegedly biased censorship policy. The conservatives are also certain that Twitter has some tricks hidden up their sleeve when it comes to silencing conservatives’ voices.

Lawmakers want to urgently address these issues. They are also of the view that such actions are not expected from companies of a certain stature.

The July 25 Twitter Hack

July 25 was a troublesome day for several high-profile accounts on Twitter. Twitter accounts of Jeff Bezos, Former US President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Presidential candidate Joe Biden were hacked. The level of compromised data owing to this hack is still uncertain.

Twitter received major backlash after this incident, and users expect answers from the company regarding its platform’s security.

CEO Jack Dorsey will face the heat at the antitrust hearing before the Congress. There have also been rumors of tension between the Democrats and Republicans regarding the procedure. However, one thing is certain — Dorsey is in for a rough day.

Twitter’s Alleged Censorship Bias

Twitter’s bias towards liberals is quite evident in their censorship process. A conservative’s tweet never passes Twitter’s scanner, whereas liberals can express whatever’s on their minds. Conservatives have also accused Twitter of using AI-powered algorithms as well as policies that censor selective tweets.

Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently tweeted that his country will avenge Haj Qasem Soleimani’s death. He added that his nation would not forget Soleimani’s martyrdom and give a befitting response to the United States. This tweet violates Twitter’s policies. However, the company did not censor this tweet.

Several congressmen are baffled that Twitter accepted a tweet that directly threatens US national security. However, if a citizen chooses to support the presiding American President in any way, Twitter removes the tweet.

Liberals who seem to have a common hatred for the current US government tweet their minds without fear, while conservatives fear being blocked or removed from the platform. This content moderation policy caught the eye of Congress and resulted in the antitrust meeting.

Rep. Jordan pointed out Twitter’s inconsistencies while questioning or moderating content. He accused Twitter of ignoring China’s fabricated responses to the pandemic. He also pointed out tweets made by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Jim Jordan made a fair point when he pointed out tweets made by Rep. Adam Schiff. He said that Twitter never fact-checks his tweets circling Russia. However, the platform always seemed to find it appropriate to ‘fact-check’ every conservative tweet. These actions were branded unacceptable by the Republicans, giving them a further purpose to hold the meeting.

Summing Up

Twitter recently removed ‘QAnon’ from its platform for discussing conspiracy theories. No such action was taken against Trump haters who accused him of colluding with Russia. This was also a clear show of bias.

The popular social media platform is under fire for allegedly maintaining “double-standards” in its attempt to filter the information that reaches its users. The CEO is preparing to answer the Congressmen’s queries at the antitrust hearing.

Twitter users are curious to know how this meeting will proceed. They’re also eager to know if the Twitter CEO will answer questions relating to the hack. That said, the flawed censorship practices of the company will be the major highlight of the hearing.