At Least Three Federal Officers In Portland May Not Recover Their Vision

Three Federal Officers Might Be Permanently Blind Due to Portland Rioters
Image credit to US Customs & Border Protection. Image modified from original.

The situation worsens in Portland as Trump sends in Federal officers to subdue angry protesters.

The present scenario in Portland

Continuous protests and demonstrations have been going on worldwide about how the USA has dealt with the whole black lives matter situation. The same is with Portland. However, the scenario turned tables when the US sent its federal officers to control another city’s situation. The protests have been increasing since then.

A huge toll occurred with highly problematic circumstances in the last week. Protesters and demonstrators were seen in a neck to neck feud. The protests in Portland have only worsened ever since.

The disagreement between Trump and Mayor of Portland

A significant dissent was seen between Donald Trump and Mayor Ted Wheeler. The US president went to extremes when he asked Ted to learn to do his job properly. He justified that sending the US officials to the city is right to maintain the local law enforcement towards the anarchist protesters.

Ted gave a statement about how Trump was abusing his power by sending such needless and abrupt actions. Both the leaders are in continuous disagreement, as Portland officials continue to criticize the entire situation.

An outline of the riots in Portland

A long road of protests in the city of Portland doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. However, there are only a few concentrated places where this is happening. The other majority of the city remains peaceful and untouched by these protests and demonstrations. The protests are mainly around the federal courthouse and the state affairs offices.

The violent and unstoppable protests started post-Sunday. On Monday, the federal officers threw tear gas, pepper balls/sprays, and paintballs on the peaceful protesters. This marked the beginning of more violent protests in Portland.

There were arrests and detentions all around the protest areas by officers in camouflage uniforms and unmarked vehicles. Critics and demonstrators have even called the situation to be turning “war-like.”

Protesters’ and Federal officers’ views clash

Post-Sunday, at midnight, the protesters violently smashed down the plywood barrier to the federal courthouse. Many tried to trespass and even vandalized the state property. Officers replied with an uninformed batch of tear gas and pepper balls.

This infuriated the protesters even more, and they made shields from different household items (including bike helmets to umbrellas) to block the tear gas, pepper spray, and paintballs.

Protesters, clearly enraged, replied to these with pelted stones and bottles. They even shot slingshots and fireworks. If that wasn’t enough, the protesters carried powerful and eye-damaging lasers. The scene shows no backing down by the rioters any time soon.

Many rioters were arrested, and detained and then freed with another batch being taken in. This continued throughout, with more armed vehicles coming in every few hours.

The feud on Monday injured twenty-eight officers severely. Three of them faced permanent damage to their eyesight and may never see again. Some officers even complain of ear injuries.

The whole situation saw the Federal officers being sandwiched between higher authorities and an angry mob.

After such extremities, the US Federal officers have now been given protective eye gears. They have been instructed to remove the names from their uniforms and put up their batch numbers.

Today’s sphere

The federal officers filed a complaint against the violent rioters in the Federal courthouse for their injuries.

The critics and many other people seem to have a different approach. Following these incidents, many compared Trump in parallel with Hitler. Some even stated that the present scenario is no different from the Nazi regime. There were tweets about how Portland’s and New York’s public are suffering the negative results of the anarchist government.

It remains a clouded judgment about who’s right and who’s wrong in this whole situation. With the whole world on a set-back due to the current pandemic, people are more frustrated than ever. However, such protests that show solidarity have brought a new focus on the whole Black Lives Matter movement.

Although it is undecided if Trump made the right decision, the situation surely has worsened. Following these protests, critics have called the Trump government a dictatorship.