Thousands Came Out To Support The Police

Thousands Came Out To Support The Police
Image Screenshot From Katie Daviscourt Twitter Post Below.

The situation in Seattle remains tense as two groups of protesters gathered outside the Seattle City Hall just a day before the City Council voted on whether or not to defund the police department.

A pro-police “Back The Blue” protest was held outside the City Hall. The Seattle Police Officers Guild had organized the protest to be done peacefully.

This group was urging the city council to not defund the Seattle Police Department.

The entire forecourt was completely filled with the massive crowd, and people were really vocal of their support for the police department. The gathering has established one thing clearly — that the residents of Seattle want the City Council to defend the police, instead of making the decision to defund them.

Though not a big number, there were still police officers who kept the small group of anti-police protesters separated from the pro-police protesters.

Participants expressed their opinions along with what they truly felt from the heart.

Participants in the pro-police rally included the off-duty police officers and their families. They spoke ardently of the need to stop misrepresenting the police department, because the news often shows a completely different version of what actually happened during the time of the riot. On the other side, there were people who were not connected to the Police department and who strongly supported the idea of defunding the police department. The Seattle residents showed their concern about the city council’s proposed action to defund the police department.

The police officers were not allowed to talk to the media present, but a 32-year-old veteran from the Seattle Police Department spoke about the ongoing condition of the anonymity. He is deeply involved with off-duty community work with the immigrants. According to the young police officers, it is awful to receive such hatred from the people they strive only to protect. What would a council member do in their position, if a peaceful protest turned into a riot and the people present started throwing things at them?

According to the Twitter post of KTTH radio host Jason Rantz, the pro-police supporters are the silent majority, but they will not stay silent anymore. He also shared the photo of pro-police supporters.

Videos and different posts of the event showed the mass of gathered people holding Police-supporting banners and wearing blue to show their support for the Seattle Police Department.

According to Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Guild, the vote is crucial and people should think clearly and not vote for police defunding. The unreasonable activism must stop because it’s putting everyone’s public safety in total jeopardy.

Seattle Police Officers really worked hard to keep both groups separated.

The Seattle City Council voted 7-1 to approve a spending plan that will cut the pay of top-ranked police officers and get rid of the Navigation Team and the Swat Unit. It would also cut the department’s whole budget of $400 million by $3 million.

Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a statement through her office.

According to the city officials, more than a hundred police officials could see their pay get cut or their position laid off as a result of the spending plan.

One member of the Council, Kshama Sawant, only voted no because in her opinion, the plan did not go far enough.

Sawant who has always vouched for full defunding of the Police department, led an anti-police protest outside Durkan’s home during the peak time of protest.

It clearly shows that the city is in total chaos, and that no law and order has been maintained for a long time.