This tweet from Lebron James is disgusting…

This tweet from Lebron James is disgusting...
Image From Video Below...

Liz Wheeler – Lebron James should be ashamed of himself.

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Dont you Mean LeClown James

Lachine James!! A complete moron!! And nothing but a boy in a man’s world!! AND A LIER!!

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i watched this live and it was heart wrenching. If you have ever gone thru anything traumatic and you have to relive it, this is exactly what happens. This is real life, and this kid has been brutally honest. There are 4 guys on youtube that analyze body language. I would love to have them do a show about this incident and also on the Clown they call Binger. I would bet there is something there to see and hear about.


also, Lebron is out of touch with reality. If he had a clue, he wouldn’t be taking blood money from China and their extortion of kids making the very products that he advocates for.

Len Collings

The Black supremist speaks and we should all listen.

Karl Lewanski

Kyle need to be in prison for life