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Why the Democratic Party Doesn't Want Biden to Debate Trump
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Joe Biden made an appearance to answer pressing questions regarding his stance on the pandemic on Fox News on the 20th of July 2020. The solution he presented regarding the control for the spread of COVID-19 seemed ignorant and obviously had a political agenda.

Biden presented his case for why the Republican approach seems to be lacking and not living up to its word. If given a chance, Biden ensures that he would do things differently. He has conferred with doctors 3 to 4 times a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. He relies on this knowledge to state the prediction that by the time Election Day comes around, at least 200,000 citizens would be dead in the United States of America.

To counter this very daunting prediction, Biden plans on ensuring testing and assistance. He also promises to ensure thorough contact tracing in a wider sense — with a larger reach. Adequate social distancing and mandatory usage of masks for businesses to remain open is an integral part of his approach. Biden also stated that he wishes for adequate health insurance and promised that no individual who has contracted the disease has to pay for being treated.

While this may seem like a great vision, it leans towards ignorance and seems unrealistic when applied to reality. Today, the USA has performed 48.6 million COVID-19 tests throughout the country. No evidence proves that these tests can be done on a wider scale, contrary to Biden’s assurance. Contact tracing and wearing masks seem to be a weak barrier to a rapidly increasing problem. Tracing and tracking the virus and those who have contracted it shows no real benefit as of now.

Other than those, measures such as rolling shutdowns and national shutdowns are more defensive than proactive. While they may stop the spread of the virus, they do nothing to eradicate the virus itself. Imposing a shutdown does not guarantee that other health issues won’t turn up. Furthermore, there are very real trade-offs for fighting the virus with a shutdown. The biggest is the fear of unemployment. Shutting down the economy does little to control the virus, yet it increases the risk of an economic downfall with small business suffering and individuals earning little to nothing.

Nearing the election, the Democrats and the press seem adamant about blaming the Republican Party and Trump every time there is an uptick in a state’s cases or death toll. This also keeps us away from the good news. Arizona seems to have reached a point of slowing down with a reduction in hospitalization as cases and deaths decrease. Texas has also peaked with 174 deaths, and the number has only been trickling down since then.

There is no magical solution to the virus. Neither party can provide an alternative, thus need every trade-off to be carefully considered. If the Democratic Party had a serious solution, we would’ve heard of it by now. Meanwhile, blue states like New York and California are suffering and are slow to overcome the crisis as well.

Not recognizing the COVID-19 pandemic as a tragedy is a gross mistake by the Democrats. This can only lead to delayed solutions. Furthermore, enforcing a lockdown and hoping the virus disappears is a belief that could lead to more grief than safety. Additionally, supporting a lockdown while turning a blind eye to the protestors who are still very active and flooding the streets points towards hypocrisy. Being politically correct in a situation that requires hard decisions to be made can only lead to a semi-neutral approach, which will do nothing but prolong the virus.

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a reason that the Democratic Party does not want Joe Biden to debate Trump and his actions against it. The lack of proper alternative solutions, as well as ignorance and hypocrisy, muddles the stance that the Democratic Party is taking in this situation. As the election nears, it is important to remember that a president needs to consider all facets while making a decision. Trade-offs have dire consequences, and the risks and rewards need to be weighed heavily.