This is Why Celebrities’ Opinions Don’t Hold Water

Andrew Cuomo is the ‘worst state leader’ in the world
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray says the “worst state leader in the word” is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after it was revealed his administration lied about the death count of a controversial policy directive. Governor Cuomo controversially ordered COVID-19 patients in hospitals to be taken back into nursing homes, with new reports revealing the number of people effected by the directive was 40 per cent higher than previously thought. The policy directive has been linked to around 15,000 deaths in the state, but the Cuomo administration has said it did not own up to the reality of the death count because of a fear it would be “used against us”. Governor Cuomo was also given a special Emmy award for his daily press conferences, with many Hollywood celebrities showering him with praise. “Hollywood gives him an award, families bury their loved ones,” Mr Murray said.

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One of the most disgusting people ever , yet celebs slobber all over him , that tells me everything about Hollywood.

This is why celebrities opinions don’t hold water. yoU can’t fix stupid.

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