‘This is What Police Need to Do’, Says Dog the Bounty Hunter…

Dog the Bounty Hunter: This is What Police Need to Do...

Newsmax TV – Duane Chapman, well known as ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ opens up about ways to change policing so that incidents that cause much unrest throughout the country can possibly subside, including the introduction of more non-lethal ammunition and weapons and more.

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Dog didn’t make dozens of traffic stops a day with unknowns. He knows who he’s going after.

That’s a great idea on paper, unfortunately there is a big difference in being a celebrity bounty Hunter and going after bail jumpers when you ALWAYS sneak up on people, and have the element of surprise working for you, and a police officer, at 2 AM who is stopping someone for a taillight violation, that happens to be wanted for murder, and has the element of surprise on that officer!!!

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Gomez Munoz

I am not a fan of cops but I can see a huge flaw in his statements. First of all real life is not a reality TV show, secondly he knew what he was going into when he went after “the bad guy” because he was able to sneak up on his target and catch him when he was not ready. Big difference walking into something you have no clue about and you might get shot or attacked at any second.


What the cops need to do is inforce the law no matter what , even if it means killing these dumb ass’s . Their destroying homes , bussness’s and life’s . If their going to act that stupid then they deserve to be shot for being so damn stupid . Enough is enough . Time for this BS to stop once and for all . Shoot a few and see how fast this BS ends