This is What Australia Thinks About Kamala Harris…

This is What Australia Thinks About Kamala Harris...
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray says US Vice President Kamala Harris “is such a hoax”. “Kamala Harris is all identity politics, all talking points, all giggle, no actual laugh,” Mr Murray said. He said Kamala Harris “is a fake, with a glass jaw”. Mr Murray also spoke of recent reports which have claimed complaints have arisen from people of a toxic work culture in Ms Harris’ office.

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This was necessary so that the people can see the truth for themselves.

That is not a giggle. Giggling is something cute that children do. It’s a cackle, like a witch.

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What would U Expected from a Knee Pads , Bended Knee FRAUD , RACIST , BIGOT like Camela Harris not a person of Color.


Not so surprising – pre VP days, slhe had not accomplished much to be proud of or to recommend her- and since then she has been a disaster. I’m not sure who picked her for VP – just as we are not sure who is “leading” this country right now, but it was surely without much foresight!!