This is the Sickest Story You’ve Heard in Recent Memory…

This is the Sickest Story You've Heard in Recent Memory...
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Ben Shapiro
– A Loudoun County father was made the face of the supposed “domestic terrorist” parents – and his story is horrifying; Raiders coach Jon Gruden resigns after his old emails are leaked; and the new Superman is bisexual.

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Please tell me he is suing everyone involved. School board, principal, the kid, his parents, the media who falsely reported it, etc.

This story is heartbreaking, yet it also makes me SO ANGRY! It’s unbelievable!

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The fbi has gone to far. They need to be completely shut down, all employees fired and most arrested for insurrection and treason.


Abolish the F.B.I. the I.R.S. The A.T.F. etc. Who needs enemies when we already have them in this country. I’m tired of having OUR money STOLEN to pay for these creeps.