This is the Harshest January 6th Sentence Thus Far…

This is the Harshest January 6th Sentence Thus Far...
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Dinesh D’Souza
– A January 6 defendant got 41 months in prison for shoving a cop and striking his shield. This is a blatant miscarriage of justice because while there’s no excuse for violence, justice is also a matter of proportionality.

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Antifa got bailed out by our Vice President Kamala!

The unelected joe Brandon regime is communist.

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This is how I am looking at this… Pelosi and Dizzy Lizzy are once again on our tax dollars Yes we will be paying them again to harass Citizens! This time they say its Trespassing “our” own Capital House? “Its We the People’s house”! Pelosi will not really go after the true instigators not one of them are being asked to come into this hearing…Just targeting Conservatives and anyone who is associated with Trump! EX: Steve Bannon! Do you see and get what these evil people are trying to do in the long run? Trying to stop Trump from ever being able to run for President again again. These people play in the cesspool of Washington DC! I sometimes think that we should move the white house into a different area of the Country and out of the swamp of Washington DC! Its non functional and too hostile of a work environment! Obviously when democrats are the majority nothing for America gets done! This hearing will be another waste our money and time! These people on this committee (all democrats) should be spending our money that “we give them” in a way that is making America great again not dividing US and tearing her down! WE GOVERN all these politicians not the other way around. WE are not the GOVERNED! This Administration is to listen to US! Its time to Stop Letting Them RAINROAD US! The time is now if not now When?