This is Not a Joke, ‘Who Is in Charge at the White House?’…

This is Not a Joke, 'Who Is in Charge at the White House?'...
Image from video below...

Fox News – ‘Hannity’ host expresses concern over Biden’s mental capacity and questions who’s really making the decisions.

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The only one who doesn’t know about Biden’s condition is Biden.

At moments like this I truly feel robbed of a President.

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Capt. Spalding…if he were still alive I would much prefer him as President!FKALLdemoPHILES!


It’s obvious to most that China-Joe is not in charge. The bi-racial wigger Muslim, BHO, is implementing his divisive racial hatred through those he had placed in the WH. Wake up American.

Stacy Dougherty

I like to know who Biden is talking too when he said to the press “I can’t say too much “THEY” will get mad at me? Of course he is not Commander and Chief


Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Park aka O’ butthead ,(Puppet Master) , Carmela Knee Pads Ho Harris and Peloski aka Pollack aka Pelosi.


Obama’s in charge, period.

Keith Kahley

My guess is Susan Rice and Obummer.