This is How the ‘Insfrastructure Bill’ Will be Devatating to America…

This is How the 'Insfrastructure Bill' Will be Devatating to America...
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Fox News – Tennessee Republican Senator Bill Haggerty joins ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss the infrastructure deal.

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Set TERM LIMITS on Congress Get rid if Coruption.

The thing that’s devastating is people keep voting for these politicians…

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Well, are all you people still happy that you voted for Communist Joe Biden? Our country is no longer ours and the futures of our children and grandchildren are in the toilet! Still happy?
Based upon the fact that we’re dealing with TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, I believe that we really have no obligation to pay the taxes that this corrupt, illegal and treasonous government is imposing on US! Some Americans might rationalize that if we don’t pay taxes this government will take everything of value that we own. That’s a valid argument, we all know that this government has probably thousands of MILITARY PERSONNEL to keep US in line but, does BIDEN honestly believe that the MILITARY will murder their friends and family members? Hey Joe, I wouldn’t bet your life on it! The time to revolt and save our country is NOW!