This Is A Sickness That Cannot Continue – Thankfully Trump Is Stopping It

This Is A Sickness That Cannot Continue - Thankfully Trump Is Stopping It
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President Donald Trump has requested the White House Office Of Management And Budget to focus on what’s important and identify and rule out every little trace of the “critical race theory”. Apparently, the anarchy on racism is surging up in the federal government.

Don’t worry if you weren’t schooled about the matters of critical race theory. It is more like a set of beliefs related to racism, fabricated by the leftist. Describing the doctrine as the groundwork is more appropriate. From Antifa, the spurring radical groups, and of course, the newly popular Black Lives Matter — the theory of critical racism sits right in the heart of this awful turmoil. It has struck America hard and all that’s going on now in the country is unrest, protest, and vandalism.

This step issued by President Trump certainly deserves appreciation. Catastrophe in the country is still impending, and it is a need of the hour to put a full-stop to the anarchy.

According to the doctrine, serious allegations have been seeded in the minds of many. For instance, supremacy and predominance of the Whites have always been prevalent in The United States of America. There’s no doubt that the white people are always blameworthy since they are extremely racist. It is unsure whether it is a conscious action or something that springs out naturally. Apparently, the whites are always abusing people of color.

This time, the President sought to bring the matter into the limelight. In the last few months, Trump’s speeches have been centered on indoctrination. It has been brought on board as an important subject during the national convention.

The President’s speech at Mt. Rushmore was no different. Since it was an Independence Day Speech, covering the subject was more important than ever. Trump criticized the theories framed by the leftists. “It is only causing intrigue and rage among citizens,” stated the President.

Trump was furious and did not shy away from making a bold remark on an important day. He spoke about how these theories are rubbing off the values in America, indoctrinating young children, bringing down and slandering the heroes of the country.

The Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Russ Vought, took to Twitter and declared that the Trump administration is strong-willed to erase the smudges in the fabricated theories, which the federal government is pretty much responsible for. “All sorts of indoctrination will come to a quick end,” commented Vought.

“Time to bid farewell to the easy days of indoctrination training drills. Unfortunately, it is funded by loyal taxpayers. Little do they know that these mammoth funds are being used to preach an awful set of beliefs, sowing the seeds of racism and division.” President Donald Trump has administered the agency with the duties of nipping the buds of critical race theories. “As an agency, we are working round the clock to put an end to these appalling sessions of training,” spoke Russ.

A memo was sent out by the President that explicitly mentions the importance of warding out the baneful, mortifying, and false propaganda that is bringing down America immediately. Movements highlighting the Critical Race Theory have been rolling for years now. It has stirred the minds of Americans, and it certainly has no room in the Federal Government.

The memo issued by Trump clearly directed the office to dig deep and find out everything about individuals, agencies, and contracts that are associated closely with the training of the Critical Race Theory. Usually, the agenda of such intense sessions preaches how the whites are the privileged ones in the country. The training aims to evoke rage in people by stating things like racism is inherent in the United States.

This directive is worth appreciation and applause. Trump has directed to rule out the odds, which happen to be the menacing propaganda of the indoctrination.