This Billionaire TV Star Is Now Running For President

This Billionaire TV Star Is Now Running For President
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

The presidential race had seemed like it was down to President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, but it looks like someone else wants a taste of the power exclusive to the President.

After Kanye West, who has already promised to run for president again in 2024, missed his chance to be on the majority of the ballots for the 2020 presidential election, most of us thought that would be the last we’d hear of a TV star running for president.

Well, here comes another TV star aiming to get their name onto the 2020 presidential election ballots. His name is Brock Pierce. Ring any bells?

Brock Pierce is a child actor turned tech and Bitcoin billionaire. As a child, he had starred in the Mighty Ducks movies and a television series called First Kid. He invested his earnings from Hollywood into cryptocurrencies, and ended up making a fortune.

Here’s his announcement video:

He had announced that he would be running for president on July 4, but he was overshadowed as Kanye West also announced his candidacy on the same day. However, while Kanye failed to get his name on the majority of the ballots, Pierce has continued working hard.

Pierce is currently on the ballot in at least 15 US states, and he may have his name added in five more before all the deadlines pass. That’s way more states than any other independent candidate in 2020, including Kanye West.

His vice president will be entrepreneur Karla Ballard, while his campaign manager is whistleblower Brittany Kaiser. Kaiser was a key whistleblower in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the abuse of data in elections around the world was exposed.

Wondering why he’s running for President, and now of all times? Here’s his video, and it’s pretty well-made, too.

In an interview with the New York Times Post, Pierce said, “Whether we go left or right, it doesn’t feel like we are making progress or going forward as a country. We need … game-changing change. It is time to upgrade the operating system of America. America 2.0.” He added that both Trump and Biden have no real “grasp of technology.”

“I think that neither candidate really connects with the younger generations,” Pierce said. “I am not hearing from either candidate any real vision. I am not hearing anything that really inspires me. I am hearing a lot of negativity.”

Compared to Kanye West saying:

“The reason why I know eventually—eventually could be three months, eventually could be three and a half years—the reason why I eventually will make a great president is because I’m sensitive. I’m here to serve. Even as a Gemini, I feel the energy in the room, I read body language, I read this energy, and I hurt. I hurt for the country, I hurt not just for Black people, but all people of America. And I hurt for all people of the world.”

What Pierce said definitely makes sense. I guess he wouldn’t be a 39-year-old billionaire if he didn’t dream big.

Pierce has said that his real goal is to build a third party in the US. His reasoning: so that the White House won’t always be occupied by either a Republican or a Democrat.

It’s a dream that many people have, but even if he fails in the November election, Pierce has said that he’s in it for the next 40 years. He’s also spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money on advertising in the key states.

Well, as a 39-year-old billionaire, he definitely isn’t lacking in either time or funds. I guess all that’s left is to see how much impact he can make during this election.