They’re Doing WHAT To Our Food? This Is NOT GOOD…

They’re Doing WHAT To Our Food? This Is NOT GOOD...
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Russell Brand
– As the World faces rising food insecurity, we ask, what does this mean for food production and whether it will push us into a genetically modified food colony?

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I discussed this with a freedom fighters group as well as alerted them to what the banks were up to and was told to stop spreading fear!! Some just don’t want to know. They will learn the hard way but what can you do? Keep posting your excellent videos Russel and giving some eye watering facts so we can make qualified decisions.

When I worked in the city and was younger I could get a donna burger, chips and a drink for £2.50 I know its rubbish food but there is a economic point here that healthy clean food is expensive in comparison to cheap man made tat. Even food has a class system associated with it.


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