They voted for it, let them enjoy it…

They voted for it, let them enjoy it...
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Fox News – Former acting director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and Tag Strategies Vice President Erin Perrine join ‘Hannity’ to slam California for policies leading to a rise in crime.

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I couldn’t help but notice the lack of DIVERSITY among these looters.

Calling Seth Rogen an actor is like calling Joe Biden a functioning President.


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OH, it’s BETTER than that… “Nordstroms” is one of the harder hit chains. “Nordstroms” was also one of the first large retailers, back in 2016, who removed all “Trump branded” items from their inventory in protest at his election. Very “woke”. Very “socially conscious” business. AND, in California (a very “woke” and “socially conscious” state) “Nordstroms” is having some really great sales! All you can carry, absolutely free. Enjoy, folks.