They Have Photos of a Guy Walking in with Baggies of USB Cards…


Justice and transparency in the 2020 presidential race are rigorously restored little by little through President Trump’s campaign as the hearing in PA gets a total slam dunk.

Whistleblowers, data analysts, and election workers testified in the hearing before state legislatures on their account of the massive “irregularities.” The testimonies proved to be extremely compelling that even critics of the president had a change of heart.

Mike Cernovich, an independent journalist, said after watching the hearing, “After today’s Pennsylvania hearing, no person of good faith can claim this was a fair and free election.”

Several reporters from different media outlets, including RSBN, and OANN, were present.

Regardless of media coverage, the truth finally came out, rendering the spectators speechless. Truly a powerful voice.

A GOP data analyst and poll watcher were particularly brave. He was able to recollect his observations and detailed the numbers.

However, his testimony about the “chain of custody” was the most compelling. He said that no rules set forth by the commission on elections were followed. He likewise submitted photos of people walking around the polling area with “baggies” filled with USB cards.

Currently, there are about 47 missing USB cards that nobody has no idea where they might be. Justice seemed at an arm’s length today – a truly enormous leap for Trump’s campaign and even the American people. The hearing played a crucial role, yet, we still have a long way to go.